Update May 4, 2022


  1. Deep Breath Book: Fixed an issue where items would not unlock after killing Squiata.
  2. Dimension Box: Fixed the issue where the tribute value was not reset when using an item.
  3. Savage Axe: Fixed an issue where the weapon skill did not work.
  4. Rapier of Super Speed: Fixed an issue that occurred while using the skill.
  5. Beast Marks Sword ’Hou’: Fixed an issue where Shock was not applied. Added dash attack impossible phrase.
  6. Katana: Fixed an issue where attack speed and effects did not match.


  1. Status: Fixed reload speed display to make it easier to read.
  2. Status: Removed the defense reduction text from the Shock option.
  3. Ability: Fixed an issue where scrolling did not work.
  4. Corrected the spelling of some text.


  1. Tunak: Fixed an issue where Tounak would not drop gold when killed while attached to a wall.
  2. Arsha: Fixed the ball bouncing incorrectly under certain circumstances.

Game progress

  1. Fixed an issue where Chapter 2.5 achievements were not cleared.
  2. Fixed an issue where ’Build’ would not appear when talking to Yulford in some situations.
  3. Fixed an issue where the ’Infinite Magazine’ option only applied to one weapon.
  4. Fixed some sound effects.