Update May 11, 2022


  1. Room-turners, Odile Sceptor: Summoned allies have been changed to attack normal monsters before the boss.
  2. Boomerang: Fixed an issue where continuous shooting was not possible. Fixed an issue where you could not attack immediately even if you received a boomerang made of Scatter Bullets.
  3. Savage Axe: Fixed an issue where skill projectiles and melee attacks were applied at the same time.
  4. Twin Shortswords: Added Gold and Platinum versions.
  5. Changed the set effect of ’Predation’. (Add +25 Power).


  1. Some changes have been made to the room structure of Boss Rush and Dungeon.


  1. A check is performed every time you return to village to avoid missing item unlocks after defeating Kaminela.


  1. Asterios: Changed the spawn rate to 100%.
  2. Impulsive Jumper: Improved pattern visibility. Added delay to some of the patterns.
  3. Arsha (Boss Rush): Changed the pattern order.


  1. Fixed an issue where inventory could be closed by clicking the close button while strengthening the anvil.
  2. Shop Reroll: Regardless of the "reload" key binding, reroll has been changed to be controlled with [R key] (keyboard) and [X button] (X-Input gamepad).
  3. Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes freeze when skipping credits after clearing Ericha.