Update April 21, 2022


  1. Now the Dyson Shell and Dyson Swarm can be colored. Added coloring function for Dyson Shell & Dyson Swarm.
  2. New asset: [Metadata]. Metadata can be obtained by mass-producing Matrices. In the current version, it is used for technology instant unlocking (buyout). Once the Metadata is obtained in one game, it can be counted and used in another game across cluster seeds.
  3. Added an operation of quick transferring items. It can be applied to all kinds of buildings. You can hold [CTRL] and click the building to fill/take items, or press [Tab]/[`~] when the building panel is open.
  4. Added pop-up briefing panels for buildings. This feature has been applied to all buildings. Hovering the mouse over a building will show the current status of the building.
  5. New function in Blueprint Paste Mode: Press the [Tab] key to toggle the mouse anchor position.
  6. New function in Blueprint Paste Mode: When the blueprint indicates that it is not buildable, press [Shift+Enter] to force plan the buildable part.
  7. New function in Blueprint Paste Mode: In Blueprint Paste Mode, the memo icon marked on the conveyor belt when making blueprints will be displayed.
  8. Added 3 new Dyson shell pattern styles.
  9. Added 2 new background music for Ice Field Gelisol planets, Gobi planets, and other desert planets.
  10. 15 new icicle models and ice decorations for Ice Field Gelisol planets. This content is visible in the new game or old savedata if the Ice Field Gelisol planet has been found yet.
  11. The research queue now shows a detailed description of technology when hovering over the technology icon.
  12. Tutorials added: added more tips and guidelines for the construction process of Sorters, Conveyor Belts, Matrix Labs, and Planetary Logistics Stations.
  13. Added button prompts to the interface for upgrade and delete functions.


  1. The shortage of buildings and facilities will be shown in red in the Blueprint Browser if you do not have enough buildings and facilities in your inventory to restore the Blueprint.
  2. A change to the foundation style selection UI: when a player clicks on a foundation that is undecorated, the foundation texture style next to it will not be reset.
  3. The Orbital Collector panel will display the speed of resource collection; The Gas Giant’s base output rate will be displayed to 4 decimal places.
  4. Optimized the emission effect of lava rubbles on Lava planets.


  1. Once the output of the Water Pumps and Oil Extractors exceeds the maximum capacity of Conveyor Belt MK.III, the new output will be automatically piled.
  2. When product buildup exceeds 60% of the capacity, Mining Machines (2 types), Water Pumps and Oil Extractors will gradually reduce the yield to stable the overall power comsumption.
  3. Fixed a bug that when building Advanced Mining Machines, the collision volume of other Advanced Mining Machines may not be detected and resulting in overlapping builds.


  1. Fixed a bug that could cause an error message when applying a copied recipe to an Advanced Mining Machine pre-build vanity.
  2. Fixed a bug that SSAO effect was displayed incorrectly when sailing near Dyson Shell.
  3. Fixed a bug that could cause abnormal Proliferate Points when dismantling Fractionators.
  4. Fixed a bug that in Blueprint Paste Mode, blueprints that cross the tropic line will automatically snap when crossing the equator, causing the build grid to fail to match.
  5. Fixed a bug that in Blueprint Paste Mode, the detection of conveyor belt collision with minerals was abnormal.
  6. Fixed a bug that in New Blueprint Mode, copying a facility near 180 degrees longitude and less than half a grid may resulted in coordinate anomalies.