Update April 13, 2021


  1. Crash fixes and stability improvements.
  2. Audio device detection has been improved, and manual audio device selection has been added to the Launcher Options.
  3. Radio Tower VFX has been disabled where a Scheme is running in the Region.
  4. Narrative Characters can be successfully brainwashed if Objectives require them to be, even if the Lair is already at maximum minion capacity.
  5. Trap effects no longer remain on minions or Agents indefinitely in unusual circumstances.
  6. Stairs place on Gold tiles will be constructed correctly.
  7. On the Crown Gold island Lair, the bridge from the Helipad is no longer autotagged for Distraction.
  8. Improved gamepad support.
  9. Various text and localisation improvements.


  1. Tamara Krast can no longer be executed before the Task requires her to be in Max’s campaign Objective, "Gold Fingers, And Toes, And...Well, Everything".
  2. Narrative characters can no longer escape the Lair under unusual circumstances during Emma’s Campaign Objective, "The Sound of Science".
  3. Scientists consistently die after being Interrogated during during Emma’s campaign Objective, "The Sound of Science".

Side Stories

  1. Addressed issues where several Side Stories could be started without having the advanced minion types they required.
  2. Loot items cannot be stolen by Rogues before their Side Stories are complete.
  3. Side Story "Hail to the Chef" can now be completed correctly even if fewer than three Forces of Justice have at least one scouted Region.
  4. Fugu Furakawa’s Heat Reduction and Gold Schemes will no longer spawn multiple times simultaneously within a single Region.
  5. Crime Lords will correctly become full Henchmen when their final Side Story Objective is completed, even if the reward has not yet been collected.
  6. Arms Dealer Bodyguards have had their strength reduced during the "Up In Arms" Side Story.
  7. Julius Bird can no longer be killed after Interrogation in "The Man With The Silver Gun" Side Story.
  8. Completion rewards have been added to to the "Poisin’ Ivy" Side Story.

Super Agents

  1. John and Jane Steele can no longer be brainwashed.
  2. Agent Steele will no longer arrive at the island dressed in scuba gear. Instead, one of a variety of John or Jane Steeles may arrive.


  1. Carl Cafard can now be killed after being recruited as a Henchman when playing on Hard difficulty.


  1. Trading cards have been added to the game! Get collecting minions.