Update May 12, 2021


  1. Prisoners can be moved from one Cell to another by using the "Escort Prisoner" feature.
  2. Minions correctly attempt to escape after being imprisoned in a Cell.
  3. Combining the Cupid’s Arrow Loot item with a Shark Tank no longer results in an inescapable Trap.
  4. Notifications for Minion Salaries more accurately coincide with their respective events.
  5. Sound effects for Henchman abilities play consistently.
  6. Characters’ limbs remain in the intended positions when interacting with Lair Items & equipment.
  7. Items placed by Agents, Crime Lords, or narrative Objectives are no longer constructed on tiles that block existing build orders.
  8. Characters consistently navigate Stairs in unusual Lair configurations.
  9. Minions are less likely to abandon useful jobs to play Videogames while their stats allow them to continue working.
  10. The Minion Training Screen now displays training items that are under construction.
  11. Disabling the "Auto-Follow" option no longer prevents a character from being followed by clicking the profile image on their Side Panel.
  12. The presentation of Research Project costs update correctly based on colour blindness accessibility settings.
  13. The Cost of Organic Samples has been increased to be consistent with other Research equipment.
  14. The Holographic Globe now requires Quantum Chemists and a Super Computer to unlock.
  15. The Computer Array now requires Biologists and a Centrifuge to unlock.
  16. Security Zone modes that have not been unlocked now display correct descriptions.
  17. Geniuses can no longer be ordered to use Weapon Racks.
  18. The durability of Armoury Items now depletes consistently.
  19. Objective images correctly display after opening the Objectives interface directly after the Minion Manager.
  20. End of Campaign cutscenes correctly respect in-game volume settings.
  21. Cover Op Decor items now function as intended.
  22. Decor Items for the Cover Operation are no longer made available before this Room type has been unlocked.
  23. Selecting a Locked minion type, then closing and reopening the Minion Training screen will correctly display a Worker minion.
  24. Weapon racks can no longer be placed with their access points overlapping one another.
  25. Security Cameras no longer have their orientation locked in unusual circumstances.
  26. Generated and consumed Power is displayed correctly in the Stats Screen.
  27. Rotation points have been adjusted for some Lair Items.
  28. Improved gamepad support.
  29. Text and localisation improvements.


  1. The Achievement "Your Very Own Museum" can be correctly unlocked after obtaining the Hubbard Slice before the Flame of Prometheus.
  2. The Achievement "Recruit Them All" can be correctly unlocked without recruiting both Clara Jones and Carl Cafard.
  3. Achievements for firing later stages of a Doomsday Device are no longer unlocked during Test Firing.


  1. During the "Bury the Hatchet" campaign Objective, Criminal Goons can no longer be captured and brainwashed.
  2. The Board Meeting can be consistently completed in Maximilian’s campaign Objective, "War on Krast".
  3. The Criminal Network level requirement has been lowered in Red Ivan’s campaign Objective, "Glorious Reclamation".
  4. The aftermath Schemes from firing the M.I.D.A.S. device no longer occasionally suggest you have fired H.A.V.O.C.
  5. The "Great Studies" Research cost is correctly displayed during Zalika’s campaign Objective, "Brain Trust".
  6. Emma’s "Plotter" ability displays updated visual effects.

Side Stories

  1. Crime Lords can be targeted using Henchman abilities.
  2. The number of Super Agents assaulting the Lair has been reduced during the Side Story, "The Melting Point of Steele".
  3. Additional Demolition Squaddies will assault the Lair if one or more of them are Brainwashed during the Side Story, "The Brave And the Bola".
  4. Permanently defeated Super Agents are no longer resurrected to be defeated again during the Side story, "The Other Most Dangerous Game".
  5. Incendio no longer gains a trait indicating he is a Super Agent during the Side Story, "Ace Up The Sleeve".
  6. Schemes to Stop Poison Attempts will correctly be removed if cancelled during the Side Story, "Hail To The Chef".
  7. Correct voiceover plays when recruiting Eli Barracuda Jnr in Zalika’s campaign.
  8. The correct Threat Indicator is displayed over the "Wing Or Lose" Threat during the Side Story, "Vox Pop-Eli".

Super Agents

  1. Permanently defeating a Super Agent correctly removes their Threats from the World Map.
  2. Wrecking Bola now arrives at the Lair with a team of Agents when Lured.
  3. Agent Steele’s "Smash And Grab" Threats no longer spawn in multiples within a single Region.
  4. Agent X’s Hard Boiled Investigators are consistently attributed to the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Force of Justice.
  5. Agent Steele now gives 20 Intel when successfully Interrogated.


  1. Espectro no longer becomes trapped in place when interrogating captured characters on Traps.
  2. Sir Daniel can recover his stats at a Conference Table even if his Camouflage ability is activated when sitting down.
  3. Incendio’s "Misdirection" ability correctly resets after sitting at a Conference Table.
  4. Incendio’s position marker is now accurate when seated at a Conference Table.
  5. After recruiting Full Metal Jackie, her bonus Schemes no longer display overhead VFX.

Loot Items

  1. The R.A.Y.G.U.N. Laser correctly fires repeatedly on lengthy Interrogations.
  2. The "Taught By a Dodo" Trait is correctly applied after minions interact with the Dodo Educator Loot item.
  3. The "Flying Pig" Trait is correctly applied after minions interact with the Flying Pig Loot item.
  4. The "Egg Head" Trait is correctly applied after minions interact with the Giant Egg Loot item.
  5. Indestructible Loot items no longer display the repair overhead icon after minions interact with them.