Update v2.0.6

Gameplay Changes / Improvements

  1. Wax Wings now give the player the ability to slow down time temporarily by pressing the Jump button.
  2. Added a cooldown for Spiked Boots’ effect on bosses and tightened up the hit detection (now requires you to land near the head of the enemy).
  3. Improved controller icon handling for many controllers.
  4. Increased the max distance of laser sights to make Snipers more fair in very large rooms.
  5. Moved the achievement unlock point in Old Red’s quest to the turn-in step instead of the reward step.
  6. Charged weapons no longer fire when going through doors.
  7. Added a failsafe to detect and kill enemies that are stuck outside of rooms in the rare case that this happens (which would previously cause a softlock in the room).
  8. Decreased Scattershot damage and Membrane’s firerate.
  9. Just Desserts Golfing will now let you swing at any zoom level.
  10. Enemies now drop currency when transmogrified.
  11. Gave Hattori more clear dialogue when temporarily out of stock.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed several issues which could cause the player to take damage when entering a room before taking full control (especially the Marine’s second level).
  2. Fixed a bug causing a few weapons to show up with unusual frequency under certain circumstances.
  3. Fixed an issue where enemies with long weapons could shoot through some thin walls.
  4. Fixed an issue where the fullscreen mode of the game was reset to Fullscreen Windowed each time the game was started for some players.
  5. Fixed an issue where one purchasable hat wasn’t showing up in the hat shop (this should be the missing #34 for the achievement).
  6. Fixed some aim issues with companions on the fight with the final boss.
  7. Fixed an issue where climbing elevators could rarely require a vertical jump higher than the player’s jump height.
  8. Fixed an issue where the player could take damage during the transition to the Mutread Head on some elevators.
  9. Fixed an issue in Winchester’s Game where the camera would shake when zoomed out completely at some resolutions.
  10. Fixed the parallax background speeds for some elevators.
  11. Fixed a camera issue which could cause the camera to smoothly move to Cadence and Ox’s room in the Underbreach instead of snapping to the new location.
  12. Fixed an issue where you could fall through a specific point in the Train’s floor while using Rapid Descent.
  13. Fixed an issue where changing controllers could break the binding screen.
  14. Fixed several issues caused by pausing the game during special scenes.
  15. Fixed a visual issue where certain parts of the end game scene were not properly destroyed.
  16. Fixed some tutorial issues with the new control options.
  17. Fixed an issue where the combo meter was playing VFX and sounds even after level 20.
  18. Fixed some issues with charged gun audio.
  19. Fixed an issue where Bello’s shop music was playing longer than intended on the fifth floor.
  20. Fixed several display issues with the new Russian font.
  21. Fixed an issue where the Diginomicon could remain dark after showing multiple unlock messages.