Update v2.1.0

  1. Arsenal Mode: a new toggleable game mode in which weapons will be available as loot as well as for purchase in shops. Any number of these weapons can be held in addition to the Blessed gun, and can be used at any time. These additional carried guns have limited ammunition, which can be replenished by finding ammo pickups (exclusively in Arsenal Mode). This mode was designed to be more reminiscent of Enter the Gungeon’s gun management.
  2. Shop Hubs: Bello’s shop has been expanded and now can be accessed twice per floor, allowing players more choice over when and how to spend their currency. This shop replaces the normal mid-floor room, in addition to its normal appearance after the boss. The shop has several doors to optional combat and NPC rooms that can be explored for loot or skipped. This should result in an overall increase in itemization for players who explore all rooms, as well as providing a source for weapon drops when playing in Arsenal Mode.

Other New Features

  1. A new optional boss, the Glocktopus.
  2. A new NPC, the Ledge Goblin, and her minigame.
  3. As is tradition, several new guns, items and rooms.
  4. You can now pet the dog.

Gameplay Changes / Improvements

  1. Added three new achievements.
  2. Added the option to skip the Dragun’s intro if you’ve already beaten the Dragun once.
  3. Increased the spawn rate of minigame rooms if the player is on a quest.
  4. Reduced NPC cell spawn requirements across the board (later NPCs no longer require buying items from previous NPCs).
  5. Added an auto-aim controller option.
  6. Powerup UI icons will now flash shortly before expiring.
  7. Rebalanced many weapons to better work with the new Arsenal Mode.
  8. Enemies in rooms will now spawn more quickly if they’re being killed very rapidly.
  9. Made spamming the jump button less effective; dodges should requiring timing.
  10. Bullets and beams will no longer collide with the Dragun when he is too far away to take damage.
  11. Gave the player brief fall damage immunity when boss cards appear.
  12. Performance improvements for room transitions.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed several controller binding issues (better handling of multiple controllers, swapped controllers, and saving bindings as soon as the binding screen closes).
  2. Fixed an issue where repositioned spawners would could move offscreen for some enemy types.
  3. Fixed a pathfinding issue which could cause some companions to become very attracted to the corners of the screen.
  4. Fixed an issue where Yari rockets wouldn’t target Spectral Gun Nuts.
  5. Fixed an issue where spike traps could render over the player in some situations.
  6. Fixed the Polish translation for Riddle of Lead’s description.
  7. Fixed a case where Lead Maiden projectiles could hurt the player while leaving a room.
  8. Fixed an issue where the dog couldn’t be pet in the scene after the final boss.