Update July 6, 2022

  1. Improved vibration/rumbles on Nintendo Switch controllers.
  2. Fixed some instances of crashes on Nintendo Switch after loading into the main menu.
  3. Fixed respawn VFX not triggering.
  4. Fixed instances where the camera sensitivity would be too high for players.
  5. Fixed buttons having no collisions in Leading Light.
  6. Fixed players becoming resistant to fans whilst grabbing or being grabbed.
  7. Fixed FPS drops at the end of the Reward Screen on Nintendo Switch.
  8. Fixed unresponsive Social Overlays on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
  9. Fixed instances where a player would be unable to break tiles on Hex-A-Gone and would appear to be floating.
  10. Fixed the Score UI not updating in Point-Based Squads Rounds.
  11. Fixed some crashes after leaving an Episode during the Intro Camera.