Update April 8, 2021

Feature Updates

  1. Dark Mode (experimental): Accessed via a toggle on the Options Menu, a new optional visual appearance for the game (ideal for playing at night).
  2. Events Overhaul: The majority of events now offer neutral or positive outcomes, less randomness, and fairer choices. Added some additional Events.
  3. Spawn System: Enemies no longer move on the game’s first turn, meaning fewer blocked spawns and more opportunity to assess the situation.
  4. Enhancement Changes: Enhancement rewards are now offered from a selection of three at the end of missions, leading to more choice and less randomness in runs. Wider range of enhancements available, and more opportunities for improvements to the enhancement system in future. You can also now view enhancement descriptions on controller (by clicking the right stick inwards to move between active enhancements).

Balance Changes

  1. Added a card type text to all cards for clearer understanding of game rules.
  2. Made Ground Jump Punch retained.
  3. Starting card removal cost has been reduced from £80 to £60.
  4. Max Health can be increased by 4 (from 2) in Medical Facilities.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix for issue where Apply Effect type statuses (e.g. ) could not be stacked.
  2. Fix for issue where passive status effects (e.g. Slow Bleed) could not be stacked.
  3. Clarify in card text that Grapple won’t gain combo and made it an Attack card for the purposes of card effects.
  4. Fix for issue where upgraded Shove wouldn’t do damage.
  5. Clarify Ninja Enforcer absorb behaviour text.
  6. Fix Energy Booster description (cards are removed from deck for the duration of the fight).
  7. Fix Change Tack description to remove erroneous End Combo text.
  8. Fix issue with Retained cards being selectable with Forward Thinking (and Forward Thinking+).