Update May 6, 2021

Main Features

  1. Deck Draft Mode - Rather than pick from a pre-made deck, you now have the opportunity when you start a game to start with a hand drafted from a series of choices. Build a deck that suits your mood, try out new cards, and mix things up as you throw down.
  2. Difficulty Levels - The game now offers a range of difficulty levels to accommodate multiple play styles and preferences. The "default" behaviours of the Early Access release (movement card assistance, enemies moving in the first turn) are available in Classic mode. Other difficulty options allow you to reduce or turn off entirely hand assistance. This is very much a first step. We are conscious the game is still inherently difficult, particularly in later missions, and the difficulty system will continue to be expanded in future to offer further options for new players, and further challenges for more experienced ones.

Balance Changes

  1. The ambassador’s health now increases for latter missions, making protect missions easier and more worthwhile.
  2. New block/slide animations to make it clearer when the player is block damage during push attacks (and you look much cooler when you do it too).

Bug Fixes

  1. Add missing audio for Charge and Big Overhand attacks.