Update June 10, 2021

Main Features

  1. Updated i Completi Content - new levels, enemies, and enemy abilities.
  2. New Bleeding mechanic - deal long term damage to enemies.
  3. New Slasher Deck - See if Agent XI is as skilled with a blade as he is with his fists.
  4. New Cards and Abilities - A range of exciting new cards and abilities that will be encountered as rewards and in the Gym.
  5. New Card Art - Lots of extra card art imagines for new and existing abilities.

Balance Changes

  1. Tweaks to enemy health and damage values throughout the game.
  2. Characters are no longer stunned when standing from being knocked down (however they cannot move after doing so).
  3. Throws are cheaper and more damaging to offset this.
  4. Deck Draft mode offers two additional Movement-only choices at the start of drafting.
  5. Slip no longer gives bonus Momentum.
  6. Rising knee and Linking Move correctly maintain Momentum.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed exploits for Medical and Upgrade costs.
  2. Fixes to various abilities.
  3. General fixes.