Update November 19, 2020

  1. General: Fixed the "disappearing mouse cursor"-bug in the main menu that appeared for some players when using additional input devices (e.g. controller, steering wheels...).
  2. Input / UI: Extended the controller support for in-game menus.
  3. Performance: Smaller performance improvements for some PC configurations by disabling Nvidia Ansel.
  4. Mission Lobby: Single Player is now selected as default mode (instead of Multiplayer).
  5. Graphics Settings: "Borderless window" mode is now hidden because "Borderless" uses the native screen resolution.
  6. Progression: The mention of a XP reward in the Intro mission has been removed, since the Intro mission isn’t meant to give XP.
  7. UI: Session Browser now updates automatically after opening it (instead of having to refresh the browser manually).
  8. Localization: Fixed several font problems for Korean language. Further improvements will follow.