Update December 2, 2020

  1. Updates to competition and registration rules in nations including Croatia, Israel, Romania, Portugal and South Korea.
  2. Specific tweaks and updates to Brexit and work permit rules in-game.
  3. Addressing in-game text appearing blurry in certain resolutions.
  4. Crash and Stability fixes.
  5. Editor fixes including those related to passing basic rules test and adding additional divisions.
  6. Improvements to newgen generation in inactive leagues.
  7. Reduced examples of lag appearing within development centre.
  8. Fixed rare example where player could get stuck at kick-off after half time.
  9. Addressed hotseat issue where ’awaiting media reaction’ would stay on screen.
  10. Touchline tablet no longer showing incorrect team on shot map.
  11. Improved functionality of dragging players on squad screen.