Update December 17, 2020

Stability and Technical

  1. Further changes to issues related to blurry text and mouse-cursor appearing misaligned.
  2. Re-added options to change resolution settings in full screen mode.
  3. Number of stability improvements.


  1. Unable to set some staff members to certain responsibilities.
  2. Board incorrectly blocking deals due to wanting vast fees for players.
  3. Recalculating how analysts produce their overall report ratings.
  4. Staff missing from coaching assignment list for relevant squads.
  5. Further improvements to inactive leagues generating newgens.

Match Engine 21.4.0

  1. Better clearances.
  2. Attackers attacking area/far post better.
  3. Better balancing to defenders challenging for aerial balls.
  4. Defenders marking too literally tweaks.
  5. Move to offer passing options improvements.
  6. Passing focus fix to long lateral passes.
  7. Some improvements to aerial interceptions for defenders.
  8. Sent assistant referees on training course to remove some overzealous offsides being given and sort positioning during penalties.

Competitions and Rule Groups

  1. Various rule updates for Croatia, Serbia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brazil, Uruguay, Romania, Russia and Scotland.
  2. Spanish and Portuguese B-Team promotion fixes.
  3. Fix for B teams incorrectly appearing in the Italian Cup.
  4. Copa America originally scheduled for 2020 will now be played in 2021.

User Interface

  1. Can’t proceed into a match if pressing back on Team Selection panel when managing international side.
  2. Changing manager appearance from the Start Screen does not remember any changes.