Update February 25, 2020

Bug Fixes / Stability

  1. Fixed some skill descriptions not having proper line breaks in skills menu.
  2. Fixed some feat descriptions overlapping it’s own icon.
  3. Fixed issue with the Nuclear Furnace’s bounding box being offset when crafting.
  4. Fixed issue where Void music would not play when sound volume was set to 0.
  5. Fixed issue that allowed the death/necro rod to be used in dungeons and interiors.
  6. Fixed issue where boss music would continue to play after defeating it quickly.
  7. Fixed issue where you couldn’t plant seeds above other planted seeds.
  8. Fixed Toxic Guardian not despawning after dying to it 5 times.
  9. Fixed demons animation flickering.
  10. Fixed demons sometimes moving twice as fast.
  11. Fixed issue where the /stuck command would not function.
  12. Fixed crash that would occur when using the /goto command.
  13. Fixed crash that would occur when using some nuclear structures on controller.
  14. Fixed crash that would occur when opening mods menu as a Steam Workshop mod was downloading.
  15. Added mechanism that will move enemies back into the room if they are pushed out of bounds.