Update February 20, 2020

  1. Added fishing boats in the Fishing Harbour.
  2. Added animations of people working in the docks.
  3. Added animations of people working on Thermal Hull.
  4. Added new interior pictures in many buildings.
  5. Added The Last Autumn custom music in the main menu.
  6. Fixed the Supercharge ability sometimes preventing finishing the generator.
  7. Bath House now also protects from illnesses caused by low safety level.
  8. Gases now stop venting after finishing the generator in Endless Mode.
  9. Fixed "Not great, not terrible" achievement.
  10. Fixed "A for effort" achievement.
  11. Fixed Better Food quest.
  12. Automatons can no longer be employed in the construction site in Endless Mode.
  13. Various sound balance tweaks and fixes.
  14. Troublemakers caught by the People’s Militia are now executed at the execution place.
  15. Added a final message after finishing the generator.
  16. Added convicts’ reactions.
  17. Many other fixes and improvements.