Update June 11, 2021


  1. UI scaling option in settings menu for larger screens.


  1. Titans hp bug fixed.
  2. Overlaps in base training equipment.
  3. Opening inventory with hotkey is fixed, won’t close after clicking on inventory.
  4. Consuming shrooms not giving level bug fixed.
  5. See future tooltip updated.
  6. Remove all negative and positive effects from the character when it dies, so when resurrected he doesn’t have them.
  7. Rain collectors mess with other buildings’ descriptions.


  1. Blood moon balancing. (2x less food need).
  2. Food growth balancing, chance to grow less vegetables.
  3. Greenhouse growth boost by 25%.
  4. Random seeds from drops/quests.
  5. Garbage invasions will always give loot if won.
  6. Homeless shelter food prices are much higher now.