Update June 6, 2021


  1. x1.5 & x2 time speed options.
  2. Paused time allows you to do actions.
  3. Hotkeys for selecting bums (1,2,3 etc.).


  1. Fights will always give a reward now, can be super tiny.


  1. First garbage invasions are slightly weaker.
  2. More food in Slum bridge & Playground.
  3. Easy modes are even easier now. (Down to 60%).


  1. Chinese localization fixes.
  2. Russian localization fixes.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix recruiting characters not taking your money.
  2. Comics audio now affected by global volume.
  3. Skill trainers will not duplicate (double stamina trainers etc) anymore when starting a new game.
  4. Eating multiple foods without restoring satiety bug fix.
  5. Fix characters getting stuck after combat. (should also work with save files, but might need an additional restart of the game).
  6. Fix item & skills descriptions shown out of screen on higher than 1080p resolutions. (ultra wide work in progress..).