Update May 12, 2022

New Features

  1. Wall Repaint Service has been added to the game and is available at gas station level 5. It allows you pay a painter to come the gas station and repaint the walls.
  2. Alien TR45H Eliminator Supreme has been added using alien technology to quickly remove trash and foot prints within its projectile range. Gas Station level 5 required.
  3. 3 new popularity levels are now achievable, with statue upgrades. To accompany them we also added 3 new songs to the game.


  1. Upgrades are now handled via a new tab in the PC called Upgrades. We improved on managing upgrades in general and added a tech tree to handle them.
  2. Delivery drivers (food/parts) now stay in the delivery truck so these can drive away quicker.
  3. The UI now shows how much of a product you already have when ordering.
  4. Big changes to decorations, especially their placement:
  5. Indoor decorations are now called Movables.
  6. Outdoor decorations are now calledLandmarks.
  7. All interactive decorations (basketball, RC Car) were moved to a new category: Interactive decorations.
  8. Small decorations around the gas station that were previously accessible from "Outdoor decorations" like benches, chairs, tables, ice machines etc. are now accessible from Movables and are buyable in any amount.
  9. Movables can now be placed outside the gas station (next to its walls) in a freeform way, rather than in pre-placed positions as before.


  1. Fixed an issue with employees getting stuck without a task after loading.
  2. Fixed an issue that caused employees to disappear from the Employee tab.
  3. Fixed an issue with wrongly showing the "full trash can" notification while the trash can wasn’t really full.
  4. Police cars no longer activate red/blue lights all the time.
  5. Interactions with the PC while holding any tool in hand are now disabled. This should prevent soft locks.
  6. Various other small bug fixes all across the game.


  1. Screen Space Global Illumination is now a graphic setting. Setting it to OFF (now by default off) will slightly improve performance.
  2. Various smaller lighting optimisation all across the game.