Update July 19, 2021


  1. Fixed an issue with Ragdoll’s system configuration.
  2. Fixed 2 collision bugs in the camper van.
  3. Fixed a bug where the AI ​​wants to change its position when leaking a contract.
  4. Added a collider to the USA map tub curtain.
  5. Added protection on taking photos to avoid the burst shooting bug.
  6. Fixed the bug where the pencil disappeared from the automatic writing book.
  7. Debug of the network error related to the locking of doors by a player in multiplayer.
  8. Fixed 2 Fort Belgium glitches.
  9. Correction of the ".X" of the value of the MEL.
  10. Fixed a "Remote temperature object" bug.
  11. Slightly increased cursor in the center of the screen. We are awaiting your feedback on this subject.
  12. Fixed avatar positioning in multiplayer to limit the "pass through the wall" effect.
  13. Changed Ragdoll collisions in multiplayer to prevent getting stuck in walls.
  14. Added an object detector that teleports objects that fall under the MAP next to the motorhome door.
  15. Multiplayer: Standardization of position and encoding data between different regions.
  16. Fixed entity movement functioning for better multiplayer sync.
  17. The display of the MEL + Temperature scan + Spirit Box: forces the display of dots for those who saw commas instead.
  18. Change of ILC2P compiler by Mono to avoid crashes of certain libraries.
  19. Addition of several protections with additional variables on sensitive memory elements.
  20. Addition of library injection modification detectors.
  21. Debug Ragdoll Women 1: correction of left arm drag.
  22. Added multiplayer network version management.


  1. Contract purchases are now available in the Hub.
  2. The scope of protection of the Statue of Mary is now the same as the crucifix.
  3. Addition in the control keys of a key to reverse the axes of the mouse.
  4. The headlamp can be fitted in the secondary hand.
  5. The Ghostpedia category title is now the same size as the evidence. (text size).
  6. When you do not have the level for an item of equipment, in the Ghost Market, the title of the equipment is black with the addition of the level ask. When unlocked, the equipment title turns white.
  7. Added large screen support: 3840 * 1200.
  8. Added possibility to adjust V-Sync in in-game options.