Update July 21, 2021


  1. Debug black borders when loading.
  2. Some visual fixes to the configuration interface when launching the game.
  3. Fixed a bug when sending the entity’s sync (specific case).
  4. Fixed an issue where in-game ambient sounds were cut off.
  5. The change of resolution is disabled while you understand why Unity does not list all the possible resolutions: If you have a bad resolution, click on the "Reset Config" button at the bottom of the options (You will have to restart the game ).
  6. Added collisions on orbs to prevent them from going through walls and giving false positives.


  1. Added written and vocal support for the "German", "Italian", "Portuguese (Brazil)", "Russian", "Simplified Chinese" languages.
  2. Slightly increased the lifespan of Statues of Mary and Crucifixes.
  3. Added support for 5760x1080 screen.
  4. Added "Windows 10 Audio Dictation" for people who crash with onboard audio.
  5. Adding a sound when the ghost writes on the book.
  6. If there is no EMF proof in the current contract, and we are close to the entity, the latter will rise to 2.
  7. Pressing the button at the bottom of the tablet closes it.