Update June 7, 2022

Bugs and Fixes

  1. Fixed the lag that was caused by a couple of building procedures.
  2. Fixed the lag that was caused by the appearances of new animals.
  3. Fixed the lag that was caused by the mining on big maps.
  4. Fixed the lag that was caused by a large number of characters appearing on the biggest map type.
  5. Fixed the issue that caused blueprints to turn red upon their placement, even if they were reachable.
  6. Fixed the issue that caused the right-click attack during the ’Drafted’ state to not work as intended.
  7. Fixed the issue that caused settlers and animals to stop doing stuff after some time and just stand in one place. The issue might still be present, but it will require additional testing.
  8. Fixed the issue that prevented resources from being properly counted on stockpiles, after loading the game.
  9. Fixed the issue that showed wrong info for the Animal Food hunger bar.
  10. Fixed the issue that caused the ’Idle’ stat to appear in the enemy’s info tab, even when that enemy was clearly attacking.
  11. The situations where settlers end up stuck in the holes now should happen less often.
  12. Fixed minor text issues.

Quality of life improvements

  1. Animal names appear above them now and this can be changed in the options menu. This is a default setting for pets only. Players with older saves will have it off by default.
  2. Thunderstorms received rebalancing - they should not happen on ’Peaceful’ game mode anymore. In other game modes, they will happen only with +5 settlers. The chances of thunderstorms happening in the same season are lower now.
  3. Save load should be a bit faster now (this will receive more optimization over time).
  4. Obsolete saves (old ones, marked in red) will not appear anymore in the ’Save’ panel.
  5. Pseudonym tooltip now correctly parses the settler’s name.
  6. More animal names that Discord members suggested have been added to the database.