Update June 10, 2022

Bugs and Fixes

  1. Fixed various crash occurrences.
  2. Fixed the issue that prevented rabbits from eating hay.
  3. Partially fixed the issue that caused some piles to appear invisible, unable to move, and thus occupying grid space. These piles will disappear and clear grid space upon loading.

Quality of life improvements

  1. The loading and saving procedure has received optimization.
  2. Some storing options have different default priorities upon being built now (Books shelves, weapon racks, trophy racks, etc now have very high priority from the start. Dumping stockpile has a medium priority).
  3. Settlers will go to sleep earlier if their hours are set to ’Anything’ in the ’Schedule’ tab.
  4. Particles have been added to the ’Successful training’ procedure.
  5. Fixed the issue that caused stairs to have invalid stability if they were built on windows, regular doors, and barn doors.
  6. Fixed the issue that caused "can’t reach building" situations to appear when trying to prioritize building certain structures.