Update August 2, 2021

  1. Fixed the bug where the registered quest did not proceed after purchase.
  2. Fixed the issue where you couldn’t enter your guild lobby.
  3. Fixed the bug where the equipment you wore would be removed.
  4. Changed the accessory reinforcement so that it can be reinforced after it is unequipped.
  5. Fixed the bug where a monster or a character would incorrectly appear black.
  6. Fixed the bug where if you were accepted into a guild in a dungeon and clicked ok, you would see the black alpha layer that wouldn’t disappear.
  7. Fixed the issue where you dealt incorrect damage when you were equipped with the Shoes reinforcement option, ’(Fatal) Increase movement speed’.
  8. Guild potion unlimited purchase bug related:
  9. Maximum purchase number of potion will be mailed to users’ account.
  10. If it exceeds the maxium purchase limit, it will be paid in GP to the character.
  11. However, the amount exceeding the possessed GP, it will be not paid as a a penalty for taking unfair advantage by abusing the bug.