Update August 17, 2021


  1. New character "Ryan" has been added.
  2. "Are you the one destroying the forest?".
  3. Alcubra region is open.
  4. Hero Collection achievement has been added.
  5. "New heroes are always welcome".
  6. First Content Update Event.
  7. Opened +1 additional Character Slot for free.
  8. Login Point Bug Apology Reward sent via mail (except users who had abused items retrieved).

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  1. Improved ’Auto Equip Card’ to allow you to check changes to Total Attack and resources used before equipping.
  2. Added a warning popup when trying to sell VP item from Sale window in Inventory.
  3. Fixed the bug where 2nd attacks weren’t registering as Arme Battle Mage.
  4. Fixed the issue where Black Knight Shield Bearer’s attack motion and its hitbox did not match.
  5. Fixed Monster Cards to allow them to be moved to warehouse as the tooltip says.
  6. Fixed Slot Expansions to immediately take effect after purchasing Warehouse Slot Voucher from clicking ’+’ in Warehouse.
  7. Fixed the bug where special skill would not activate when you have Gnosis’ Earring and Pearl of Persephone Earring equipped at the same time.
  8. Fixed the bug where the number of times you can use pet’s awakening skills would not count down even after using it.
  9. Fixed overbalancing of the pet Duelly’s skills.
  10. Fixed the issue where you couldn’t use ’Teleport Control’ as Arme after job change.
  11. Fixed the issue where Altar of Judgment’s boss’ attack and direction the boss is facing didn’t match.
  12. Fixed reward window to show after clearing dungeon with your last Champion Mode Ticket.
  13. Fixed the bug where equipment that current character is wearing was excluded from Champion Mode select rewards.
  14. Added a notification for the user to enable Steam Overlay if user cannot access in-game payment or customer support.
  15. Fixed Accessories to be able to change properties.
  16. Improved monster quality from Bermesiah to Ellia.
  17. Fixed the issue where Second Gear Ring’s +15% damage effect didn’t apply.
  18. Compensation corresponding to number of Second Gear Rings used will be sent via mail to users who bought and used Second Gear Rings before maintenance.
  19. Restored normal attendance points for users who were banned for 7 days due to attendance point issue and for users who were unbanned after removing purchased items.
  20. Adjusted PVP rewards because EXP and currency rewarded were much greater than that of dungeons.
  21. Reduced EXP and GP gain to 22%.
  22. Increased EXP and GP gain from losses from 33% to 50% of what would be gained from victories.
  23. Fixed character outline error.