Update August 19, 2021

  1. Fixed the bug where Ryan could not use some skills after Job Change.
  2. Ryan Nephilim attack damage reduced.
  3. Fixed inconsistencies in-game display of character stats.
  4. Fixed the issue where Harpy in the final dungeon of Bermesiah would occasionally not die.
  5. Fixed the bug where Arme’s Warlock Fire Ring skill buff did not apply to party members.
  6. Fixed the bug where Elena and Kamiki would become transparent during battle.
  7. Fixed the bug where if Alcubra’s demonic mage is a super armored champion monster, it wouldn’t take damage even when the torch is lit.
  8. Fixed a bug where the Destructive Stone Golem attack effect was not generated.
  9. Added some sound localization.
  10. All items and goods acquired by exploiting the hero dungeon bug have been recovered.