Update August 26, 2021

  1. Fixed the issue where job change mission would not progress from defeating monsters within level range in Wizard’s Labyrinth.
  2. Fixed the bug where closing the window while fusing monster cards made it impossible to do subsequent fusions.
  3. Fixed the issue with the display of number of potions acquired after using Seal Breaker.
  4. Fixed the bug where you would be forced to exit the lobby after clearing hell mode even if you have an event dungeon ticket.
  5. Fixed the issue where some of Altar of Judgment’s boss attack patterns would disappear.
  6. Fixed the bug where storage would not open in certain situations.
  7. Fixed the bug where scrolls in material item inventory would not work while dismantling at the refinery.
  8. Added indication for dungeons where stats are normalized.
  9. Fixed the issue where changing resolution settings in certain situations would force quit the game.
  10. Fixed the bug where monsters would occasionally become transparent in Goblin Work Site dungeon.
  11. Fixed issues with game sounds not working in certain situations.
  12. Changed lobbies to warn if Inventory is full and prevent starting the instance.
  13. Allowed items to be obtainable during gameplay even when there isn’t enough inventory space.(MAX: 30).
  14. Changed open hours for Wizard’s Labyrinth.
  15. Improved lag during in-game chatting.