Update June 25, 2020

  1. Added Leaderboard data for campaign leaderboard.
  2. Added UI and Subtitle Localization (Spanish, Italian and Brazillian Portuguese).
  3. Language selection is now available through Steam language preferences rather than in game options.
  4. Made major improvements to UI scaling in support of non-1920x1080 resolutions including 4k and 21:9 ultra wide resolutions.
  5. HUD now shows an object’s individual mass alongside the total mass of everything to which it is attached.

Quality of Life

  1. Enabled secondary key functions for all right mouse button abilities.
  2. Added right and left mouse button functionality to cycle through scan modes.
  3. Made improvements to surround sound mix.
  4. Added touch transfer to waste disposal unit pipes.
  5. Improvements to clarify tutorial instructions.

Bug Fixes

  1. Stomped several nasty crashes.
  2. Squashed over 120 pesky bugs.
  3. Numerous small quality of life improvements.