Update October 28, 2020

Changes & Updates

  1. "Ghost Ship" Ship Modifier added.
  2. Taraxacum object added.
  3. Message Interface added to HAB.
  4. Sticker Interface added.
  5. Sticker Application on Tools added.
  6. Small 3D props added to "dirty air" inside ships.
  7. All existing "text-to-speech" audio logs replaced with real human voices.
  8. Anti-Cheat feature added to Weekly R.A.C.E.

Bug Fixes

  1. Room Volume in Stargazer Cockpit shows as Crawlspace.
  2. Salvage Gecko reactor will sometimes explode after decompressing the ship.
  3. ECU on Salvage Gecko will sometimes be destroyed when opening a door leading to an unpressurized area.
  4. Forklift may be destroyed at the spawn of a Salvage Runner Gecko.
  5. Part of Power Generator Fuse mount has a wrong salvage destination.
  6. The controller becomes irresponsive on the front end, after a specific amount of time on a shift.
  7. On some Stargazer Geckos, the coolant pipe goes through the heat sink.
  8. On Cargo Geckos, in the cargo Bay, there is an area tagged as Crawl Space.
  9. There are overlapping nanocarbon cutpoint joints in the heavy cargo mackerel.
  10. Industrial hoist is not attached to the rail guide on spawn.
  11. Selected voice is reverted to 1 after a Free Play or a Weekly Race.
  12. Fuel tank explosions cause excessive object shattering.
  13. Pressurization is inconsistent after entering a Gecko Commercial airlock.
  14. Surface panels on Transport Geckos are not perfectly sealed.
  15. On Salvage Gecko, a segment of the coolant pipe is attached to the airlock frame.
  16. In a language other than English, when cycling through leaderboards the entry changes from the selected language to English.
  17. ECU is not recognized by the scanner if there is certain material between the player and the ECU.
  18. In Scan Mode, the Class I Reactor Plate has no description.
  19. In scan mode, the Mackerel fuel flush switches are green as electrical but described as mechanical.
  20. Mackerel fuel flush switch doesn’t have a salvage destination.
  21. Tutorial Ship B’s Reactor is yankable before the player is supposed to interact with.
  22. On Salvage Gecko, all the salvage bay is not tagged as a "salvage bay".
  23. Science and Industrial Geckos have pocket of unpressurized space in the cockpit.
  24. Thruster Terminal is not joined to the floor and can be interacted with while it is floating.
  25. On geckos, the computer terminal remains interactable, after the thrusters were flushed manually.
  26. Industrial hoist cannot be detached from rail guide on Geckos.
  27. Tutorial (Step 23) user can use the grappler to yank the airlock console needed to complete the depressurize airlock objective.
  28. Tutorial: the airlock consoles and the cabin atmosphere regulator can be grappled and detached.
  29. Quota progression of any rank / any profile is duplicated on an Open Shift Profile of the same rank.
  30. Incorrect texture used for the aluminum near the cockpit.
  31. On geckos, class II Thruster Caps are tagged as Class I Thruster Caps.
  32. On certain Cargo geckos, the texture on the coolant pipes has a red patch.
  33. Antenna mounts are not named and have no destination.
  34. On geckos, class II reactor plates are tagged as Class I Reactor Plate.
  35. On Salvage Gecko, flushing a thruster might flush another thruster as well.
  36. Hands stay up after going back to the game from the pause menu.
  37. The player is unable to enter a name using non-alphabetic symbols (i.e : asian languages).
  38. On the Transport Geckos, the textures on the thruster pipes have white stripes.
  39. On certain Salvage Geckos, Weaver’s Reactor line might trigger, when looking at a salvaged reactor plate.
  40. On certain Salvage Geckos the personal teminal is not marked, where to be salvaged.
  41. Weekly Ship landing page does not accurately track attempts.
  42. After performing specific actions, the player can trigger an infinite Violent Decompression in a Mackerel.
  43. Airlock console LEDs remain lit after ship loses power and they are non-interactible.
  44. If the player plays an audio log and stops it at the same time while this log is already playing, the audio log will replay but no audio log interface will be shown.
  45. The controller loses focus on the Front End/HAB Menu, after exiting the Key Mapping menu and pressing B.
  46. Native Crash - block_remove.
  47. Native Crash - ?RenderMeshIndirectCommand@VFXParticleSystem@@CAXPEAXVVertexInputMasks@@@Z.
  48. Native Crash - ?EvaluateBlendTree@animation@mecanim@@YAXAEBUBlendTreeConstant.
  49. Crash while spamming the splitsaw.
  50. Crash when selecting a Mackerel from the Ship Catalog.
  51. When loading into the Front-End the user briefly sees the background and no UI.