Update August 20, 2020

  1. Weekly Ship Feature (Beta) added.
  2. Campaign Leaderboards added to Main Menu.
  3. Polaris Freighter Animation Sequences added.
  4. Cargo Elevator Animation Sequence added.
  5. Ability to change player voice in the Gameplay Options added.
  6. Nova Fuel plumes now vaporize things they touch.
  7. Interior wall padding texture updated.


  1. Sometimes, the reactor explodes right after entering a meltdown state.
  2. Collider for cutter beams (Stinger and Split Saw) is larger than the VFX themselves, causing undesired fire damage to the Player’s surroundings.
  3. Rail guide weight is inconsistent after processing.
  4. Incorrect button prompt used to back out from keybinding with a gamepad in the pause menu.
  5. Repairing while listening to an audio log will stop playback.
  6. In Science Geckos, the padding that can spawn on storage bins remains unmoved when yanking the bin.
  7. Cutting the Reactor with the Stinger will cause it to vapourize rather than explode.
  8. Helmet light no longer working, after using Reset to defaults in the Key Mapping menu.
  9. After dying via a cutter overheat, the overheat VFX persists until user makes a new cut.
  10. The user cannot navigate past the Brake option in the Controls menu, when using a controller.
  11. When purchasing an upgrade with the controller, the user is kicked back to the tool on which the mouse pointer is hovering over.
  12. The user is kicked out of the Equipement tree, when wanting to access a tool and the mouse pointer is hovering over another tool.
  13. Inconsistency with Brake control remapping on controller.
  14. Black textured parts on the flush switch in scanner mode.
  15. When backing out of the keybind remapping menu, the user returns to the options’ Gameplay tab.
  16. On a fresh user_config.ini, rebinding brake from leftctrl to any key makes the brake action become a simultaneous button press with leftctrl and the selected key.
  17. A certain portion of the power junction box texture remains visible in scan mode.
  18. After changing languages in the options, a UI element doesn’t scale properly in the remapping menu when rebinding an action.
  19. The "padding" / aluminum panels on Stargazers are marked for the barge but are only processed by the furnace.
  20. On science geckos the lights and the storage bins with aluminum panels make a single object.
  21. Fuse handles remain functional and deal electrical damage, after being detached from their panel.
  22. Misc. Action 01/Misc. Action 02 prompts don’t update after remapping the gamepad controls.
  23. Gamepad remapped interaction prompt does not update to new input.
  24. Remapped gamepad input does not update the tutorial tooltips.
  25. Tab Right/Tab Left prompts don’t update after gamepad remapping.
  26. Gecko’s Silverfish don’t have a name tag in the HUD when hovering over them.
  27. Pressing Y on the front end plays the audio for deleting a profile no matter which screen the user is on.
  28. Cut guards have permanent burn effects on them.
  29. Cockpit door console not attached to a wall in the Stargazer.
  30. Mackerel Noses are using the old cut point bases.
  31. When picking up fuses, the cutter’s arms do not animate.
  32. Gamepad Start/Back does not update button callouts after rebinding.
  33. HUD Cycle Scan prompts don’t update, after remapping the gamepad scan inputs.
  34. Toggle Work Order prompt doesn’t update after gamepad remapping.
  35. Pressing F (keyboard) or Y (gamepad) prompts the Restore Defaults pop-up in Contract Sequence, HAB, Pause Menu, and while Deleting Profile.
  36. Hydroponics cabinet glass is too cloudy.
  37. Gecko cockpit interior UV has alignment issues.
  38. Hitting the back wall with force does not send correct impact intensity numbers.
  39. Player voice option in FE and pause have no scroll over sfx.
  40. Pressing Y on the Post Session Screen brings up the "Restore Defaults" pop-up from the key rebinding feature.
  41. Confirm/Decline button callout does not update after rebinding gamepad keys.
  42. Unable to back out of Control Remapping screen after reassigning a key.
  43. Confirm/Decline prompts don’t update after gamepad remapping.
  44. In the Kiosk the input for the Back prompt is not displayed, when using a controller.
  45. Padding inside of Science Gecko has metal impact fx instead of soft impact fx.
  46. During Contract sequence, entering a name with the letter T will open the webpage within the Steam client.
  47. Icon for View button is incorrect when using XBOX Controller.