Update v1.4.1

Highlights & Important

  1. Units getting pushed back in naval invasions are now removed from the order so they won’t automatically try it again.
  2. Fixed the Stug tech icon to have correct barrel length.
  3. Major rewrite of air combat system (the underlying stuff), should now have less wierd special cases and be easier to balance.
  4. Fixed issue where generic leaders would be replaced randomly in the world due to mistake in focus tree.
  5. Each wing of CAS should now be able to attack more than one combat removing the need to split them up in small wings.
  6. Its now possible to mark even base (Mk 0) equipment as obsolete, also equipment conversion will only convert foreign and obsolete equipment, so you have much more control now.


  1. Fixed a case where Chinese AI would delete units incorrectly due to supply evaluation.
  2. Fixed case where AI would think that it was being encircled and would pile up its divisions in few provinces and abandon fronts.
  3. Took care of another situation that cause indecisive units.
  4. Made AI respect waiting after already sending lend lease requests.
  5. A fix for front abandonment that makes it spread out the units being taken from other fronts.
  6. Units getting pushed back in naval invasions are now removed from the order so they won’t automatically try it again (no more ping pong).
  7. Several tweaks to allied AI to avoid "suicide invasions" agaisnt axis nations before they are at war with soviets.
  8. Germany no longer wastes time prepping naval invasiosn vs france just before it takes around maginot.
  9. Made sure AI cannot pick event options with weight 0 if another option with higher score exists.
  10. AI now considers enemies as obstacles when planning invasions on nations its not yet at war with when comparing fleets leading for less wasted preparation.
  11. ai can now cancel invasions that are bad if started during a time they were ok.
  12. Fix for case where Germany would use too aggressive stance versus maginot line again.
  13. Air AI can now evaluate zones for bombing and such more than 1-2 zones away.
  14. Tweaked ai_chance for all CZE events to be saner.
  15. If CZE exists when Germany demands Danzig from poland, they will now be very interested in joining the war rather than waiting for Germany to get around to beating them.
  16. fixed ai scoring for volunteer only manpower law that meant hungary (maybe others?) could get stuck on Disarmed Nation.
  17. lowered prioritiy more for doctrines for ai if already researching one.
  18. fixes for ai strategy files referencing the wrong focuses.
  19. Tweaks to ai research weights, now considers 1940 fighters more important.
  20. Spanish civil war spirit about recovery now has higher penalty for AI evaluation to join factions.
  21. Fixed a case where AI would use the wrong execution mode and be overly aggressive when attackign maginot line.
  22. AI should now be more active with CAS usage.
  23. Fixed an issue where AI would not assign NAV to sea zones.


  1. Fixed UI bug that made GER to never show tech bonuses.
  2. Splitted "In Combat: x83" tooltip into two. Now In Combat shows default combat speed (x33) and movement gain from tactics is shown separately.
  3. Double click in army list now deselects previous selection if shift is down.
  4. Mission icons on the map should now include port strike.
  5. Movement bonus from tactics were being shown in damage tooltip of a unit in battle window, remove it from tooltip.
  6. Added missing localization for base strike research bonuses.
  7. Can now unassign aces with right-click like tooltip says.
  8. Added a new text icon for cost in license production screen.
  9. Added tooltip for air wing state.
  10. Create airwing interface properly resets the right side when all planes are removed.
  11. Tweaked license tooltip in production view to be somewhat clearer.
  12. Changed Hungary 1936 bookmark to highlight restoration of Austria-Hungary.
  13. The person who unpaused the game is now shown in pause tooltip.
  14. Changed license production cost icon in tool-tip.
  15. Added description in add new air wing tool-tip.
  16. fixed color issue for Israel.
  17. fixed color issue with Korea.
  18. Encirclement loses now displays on combat log. Manpower lost in convoys (which is shot by navy forces) now displayed as "Losses to enemy navy" in combat log tooltip.
  19. Added overrun casualties to combat log.
  20. Fixed air stats showing too small in wing detail view.
  21. fix for CZE civil war not being advertised enough in focus tooltip.
  22. added two more portraits (Japanese communist leader, Ecuador historical leader).
  23. Now you can mark all of the equipment as obsolete (even if base type) and equipment conversion is only done for obsolete equipment.


  1. Fixed a problem with the format for build_army strategy.
  2. Fixed issue where scripted amounts for force_equipment_variants did nothing.
  3. Added has_carrier_airwings_in_own_combat trigger for combatants.


  1. Added missing localization for UNITS_VIEW_WINGS_COUNT in French.
  2. Fixed missing faces for Congo.
  3. Fixed a misspelled loc string in war goals.
  4. Fixed the Stug tech icon to have correct barrel length.
  5. Fixed some issues with ship names in 00_GER_names.
  6. Made dead sea a lake.
  7. Fixed a number of mistakes and inconsistencies in German OoB.
  8. Improved several items of flavor text for CZE focuses.
  9. added HMS Dreadnought to Royal Navy ship names.
  10. added cosmetic tag for Hungary if it elects a King but then changes ideology away from neutral (democratic, fascist branch).
  11. fix for a missing event picture gfx that has been in since launch and wasn’t noticed.
  12. fix for US missing air wing names for jets.
  13. East/west germany now get nicer colors and dont bug out.
  14. Fixed incorrect portrait for Horthy when admiral.
  15. fixed an issue with news event 311 refering to the wrong country.
  16. Added 4 new portraits for South america for historical leaders for Peru, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay.
  17. Added new portrait for Bulgarian fascist leader.
  18. Hooked in three new portraits for Baltic leaders (Police is still hunting for the set of identical triplets that were impersonating them).
  19. Added proper Slovenian and Slovakian flags (honestly at this point I dont even know which one is correct /Podcat).
  20. Added pdxcon magic winner portrait to generic soviet portrait list.
  21. Dramatically improved communist Korea by using DPRK (best Korea) flag AGAIN.
  22. Fixed 2 missing images in Romanian/hungarian events.
  23. Added 4 new portraits (Iraq and Oman historical leaders, Italian and Japanese democratic leaders).
  24. Added renaming of YUG unaligned party to ’Monarchists’ after Peter II takes the throne.
  25. Renamed Czech Export Focus national spirits to not resemble Export Focus law.
  26. Reenabled flavor names for German puppets for people without DoD in a cold and calculating move designed to maximize profits.


  1. Lowered the amount of ground based planes that can enter naval combats over time.
  2. Reduced cost for giving core states back to our puppets.
  3. Slightly increased fascist support in Hungary fascist king chain.
  4. Rebalance of additional building slots for Serbian rail network focus.
  5. Fixed a balance issue with Integrated/Serbian rail network focuses in Yugoslav tree.
  6. Fix for air accidents being scaled depending on the number of wing.
  7. Increased manpower requirements for CZE alliance with Germany focuses by 50k each.
  8. fix for Romania being able to appoint a government friendly to a faction they are at war with.
  9. locked CZE political ideology pushers behind appropriate focuses.
  10. lowered CZE fighter output boost.
  11. rebalanced tech sharing group bonuses for CZE to be more in line with everyone else.
  12. tactical bombers can now pick the naval strike mission.
  13. Added building slots and infrastructure to balanced industry path for CZE, toned down the export focus spirits.


  1. Fixed the bug when conversion could not convert last pieces of equipment.
  2. Removed Demand Transnistria from the Romanian historical focus list. Romania should no longer think attacking the soviet union is a great idea.
  3. Fixed bug where technologies was not updated in case of unlocking tech from another technology folder.
  4. Fixed bug where some modifiers were not applied to airplanes after loading a save.
  5. Fix for Soft Attack/Hard Attack values ignoring some combat bonuses in battle gui.
  6. Overriding an idea with custom name, now overrides the modifier name as well, instead of using idea ID as key.
  7. Fix for trade path not being recalculated when strait control has changed.
  8. Fixed for a potential issue if CZE becomes a puppet of AH that may lead to intra-faction warfare.
  9. Fix for dual mediation events in Transylvania chain (RIP Katya’s sanity).
  10. Germany should now only leave the Romanian Tech group if Romania is in a faction germany is not in.
  11. Changed the Sudetenland failsafe event to give the war goal against the controller of Sudetenland (was hardcoded to CZE).
  12. changed "His Majesty’ loyal government" to work even if Hungary did not roll over in the event.
  13. Fixed Horty not being leader of Hungary at gamestart without DoD.
  14. Fixed an issue where Germany could be stuck with the Demand Sudetenland focus under some circumstances.
  15. Made the demand Transylvania event chain remove the correct core (North Transylvania) for Romania if they instantly fold.
  16. Fixed a bug where generic unit names would not work if starting letters were the same for different generics.
  17. Fixed an issue where existing airwing names were never returned to the pool.
  18. Fixed a bug where traded away resources decreased amount of factories available for trade.
  19. Fixed CZE only being angry with Allies if they decide not to fight over Southern Slovakia (CZE now always angry, all the time).
  20. Fix for Zalozie not being transfered if Soviet union honors MR pact.
  21. Added a number of sanity checks for AH reclamaition focuses (must not be in faction with owners of claimed provinces).
  22. fixed an issue where the Ljubljana award could give out states not owned by Germany or Yugoslavia.
  23. "Death or Dishonor or Cake" achievement now has a tooltip that tells the player to have Carol II as the country leader.
  24. Fix for Yugoslavia being allowed to try and buy planes from a country they are at war with.
  25. Blocked vanilla YUG coup event if player has DoD.
  26. Fix for Yugoslavia spawning Croatia even if they did not own the territory.
  27. Fix for Czech-Slovak civil war not actually being between Czechs and Slovaks.
  28. Fixed issue where aid event from Sweden to Hungary after getting democratic king would fire more than once.
  29. Equipment conversion now properly converts to variants from older equipment.
  30. Fixed bug where planes set on CAS mission could join naval battles without using naval strike mission.
  31. Fix for two missing locs in Romania.
  32. Overlord of CZE telling Germany to get bent during Sudetenland crisis now removes both CZE and Overlord from faction with Germany.
  33. Fixed an issue where democratic Romania could not even handle King Carol II right now.
  34. Fix for AH not being able to justify wargoals due to world tension being too low.
  35. Fixed France being able to take CZE into their faction if they do little entente and AH puppets CZE.
  36. Austria-Hungary should now get Banat if Romania folds in the event chain.
  37. Fixed an issue where Romania could steal CZE from out under Austria-Hungary by creating the Cordon Sanitaire.
  38. Fixed fixedpoint overflow in peace conference which could give small nations lots of extra points.
  39. Tweaked occupation rules fix for impassible zones, now it uses core and ownership prios.
  40. Removed retire_country_leader from generic focus tree.
  41. Fixed the bug when merging of airwings didn’t update air wing manpower properly.
  42. Fixed a few issues with yugoslavian historical focus list referencing focuses that no longer exist.
  43. Fixed Bordergore if Hungary not in a position to gain state 73 in fate of CZE event chain (should go to SLO, now actually does).
  44. Fix for volunteers transfers ending up in the impassible states.
  45. fixed a localisation issue with a Hungarian event.
  46. added an effect for German leaning focus.
  47. fixed a bug with CZE "Sudden Shipyard" focus which would have required the rest of Europe to sink into the sea to work.
  48. refusing the Sudetenland now kicks CZE out of the axis.
  49. fix for Yugoslavia not actually leaving axis when they should be leaving axis in coup event.
  50. Slovenian and Slovakian flags now has proper med and small flags.
  51. fixed dual event options for CZE news events.
  52. fix for logic bug in event DOD_hungary.1.
  53. fix for incorrect Romanian Admiral’s portrait.
  54. fixed an issue with Hungarian Pact of Rome faction dragging Italy into a faction against its will.
  55. fix for a number of text inconsitencies in news events.
  56. Design companies now stick to licensed equipment.
  57. fixed a Romanian division being assigned to Hungary.
  58. Updated script for Invite German Advisors. Germany now correctly removed when Romania joins another faction.
  59. Planes are able to attack several ground targets at the same time now rather than one per wing.
  60. TfV trees checking for an autonomy level will now accept DoD autonomy levels as well.
  61. Supply areas now ignores impassable states while building the connection graph.
  62. added missing localisation for a number of tech sharing group descriptions.
  63. Navy leader can now gain the air_controller trait by having carrier airplanes in combat.
  64. Now rockets does not cancel their mission in case of non of the rockets left.
  65. Foreign equipment now qualifies again for conversion.
  66. Who counts as attacker and defender in paradrops should no longer be country order dependent.
  67. Ensured hungarian mediator events revert to ’rebuffed twice’ outcome when no eligible mediators can be found.
  68. Fixed YUG being freed when they are a puppet of GER and get the anti-German coup.
  69. Fixed anti-German coup not switching YUG ideology to unaligned when picking that option.
  70. Removed fascist requirement from Second Vienna Award focus.
  71. abandoning the czechs during Munich now cancels any guarantees and tells the ai to stop caring about CZE (to avoid renewing the guarantee right away).
  72. fixed military access being given to the wrong country in a Romanian event.
  73. fixed a number of faction joining focuses to prevent intra-faction warfare.
  74. fixed issue where air wings without assigned region would lose their set mission.

Stability & Performance

  1. Added safety code for terrain calculation when loading broken mod files (could lead to deleted units).
  2. Fixed stack out of bounds issue when generating unit names.
  3. Fix for CTD in the airview details view.
  4. Fixed CTD while tooltiping port strike air wing mission entry.
  5. Fix for CTD when airbase were removed or deleted while being selected.
  6. Fixed a possible null pointer exception.
  7. Fixing CTD in air interface.
  8. Increased the size of atlas used for the country flags on map to fix glitches.
  9. Fixed CTD when AI tried to evaluate returning expeditionaries for someone with no homeland.
  10. Fixed CTD in mods related to naval base assignment.
  11. Fixed a CTD related to hotjoining in while selecting airbases.
  12. Fixed a case where savegames would keep growing and becoming huge.
  13. Fixed a cross plaform out of synch.
  14. Fixed a multithread related out of synch in multiplayer.