Update v1.5.3


  1. Improved ai use of planes and air missions.


  1. Hotjoining in multiplayer or loading saves no longer breaks the 3d model viewer.
  2. 3d model viewer has some improved UI work and avoids overlap on designer icon in tech screen.
  3. Manchukuo assertiveness focus now grants new puppet level as expected.
  4. Restored diplomatic information of friends and enemies list immediately after reloading a save.
  5. Prevented extreme cases of unoccupied countries with no remaining war support from immediately surrendering to an enemy in an offensive war after winning a separate defensive war.

Stability & Performance

  1. Added safety layers to rendering that should hopefully avoid some crashes on OSX and on AMD gfx cards.
  2. Added a performance optimization tied to non-existant nations calculating strategies, was more apparent on big mods.
  3. Fixed a rare crash when a country tried to declare a war on a puppet of another country that is in the same faction as aggressor.
  4. Fixed a rare CTD case when someone accepts invitation to a war when they shouldn’t have.