Update v1.9.1


  1. Lowered intel required for approximate army count & fielded manpower count to 5%.
  2. Fixed upper bound of define for min legitimacy of government in exile to allow equipment transfer, which has the practical effect of increasing this min required legitimacy from 1 to 5.
  3. Fixed bounds of define for daily legitimacy change of liberated government in exile, which has the practical effect of changing the rate from -1 to -1.5 legitimacy per day.
  4. Soviet NKVD spirit now gives an extra operative slot.
  5. SMERSH now gives +1 slot and coutner intel if you have LaR.
  6. Mitigated the effects of deleting your whole army to get more XP training exploit.
  7. Add a max cap of 10 to operative number.
  8. Every country should now have access to a minister to unlock an extra operative slot.
  9. Decreased time taken to run collaboration regime from 190 to 90 days.
  10. Removed ignoring of resistance target changes to no garrison law if resistance is disabled.
  11. Increased compliance generation to 0.08% base from 0.07%.
  12. Decreased compliance decay to 0.08% from 0.1% at max compliance.
  13. Rebalanced compliance gain.
  14. Changed compliance decay in occupation laws to match new compliance generation.
  15. France now starts with basic heavy tanks unlocked.
  16. France now has engineer companies attached to leg and motorized infantry divisions as well as light mechanized divisions in the 1936 start.
  17. France can no longer gain up to 7 research slots by cleverly losing a war.
  18. Death Before Surrender now is a timed spirit that lasts for 900 days. This means that, if the Civil War starts the earliest it can start, the spirit will be removed at the beginning of 1939, thus simulating a collapse of morale and speeding up the conclusion of the Civil War if it is still in progress.
  19. Anarchist divisions now spawn with only 25% equipment (unless the player/AI went down the Anarchists branch). This should make Anarchist Spain’s starting position much weaker.
  20. 20% Reduction to Strengthen the Regime focus requirements (80k MP instead of 100k, 800 infantry eq. and 800 support eq. instead of 1k each).
  21. Increased minimum surrender limit to for a country to 20%.
  22. Increased compliance decay to give cap of 90% compliance to non democracies.
  23. Changed compliance loss on state changing hands to 25% from 10%.
  24. Decreased fielded manpower requirement from German "Demand Sudetenland" to 725000 from 750000.
  25. Improved Resistance Suppression when using "Brutal Oppression" from 65% to 75%.
  26. Decreased compliance from collab regime operation to 20% from 30% on normal result and 50% to 40% on excelent result.
  27. Changing ideology now halves compliance.
  28. Reduced the Compliance requirements for the Anarchist coring decisions to 50%, down from 60%.
  29. Increased the cost of Concessions to the Anarchists decision to 150 PP to bring it more in line with its intended purpose as an ’emergency’ delay rather than a permanent one, and also made it require either of the Nationalist factions to exist. This means that once those are defeated, there is no stopping the Anarchist uprising anymore.
  30. Operative gained from faction members now is reduced for counties that lacks industry.
  31. Operations will now higher cost as you execute same operation on same targets (default is 15%. rescue operation is still 0%. Some exceptions are 25%).
  32. Compliance is now halved (instead of factored by 75%) when a state controller is changed.
  33. Destroying the counter-revolution now prevents France from descending into another civil war against the fascists from low stability again.
  34. Danzig and Memel are no longer required for forming Poland-Lithuania.
  35. Memel is no longer required for forming the United Baltic States.
  36. Political violence can no longer return to France if France has capitulated.
  37. Unprepared offensive modifier in SCW now also affect CAS impacts.
  38. Along with Niceto Alcalá-Zamora as a leader, the Republicans will now, after the 1936 elections, receive a National Spirit reducing their political power income. Along with Zamora’s trait and various tweaks and adjustments made to the political power gained through events and Republican focuses, this should make the flow of Garrison Control fighting before the SCW much more natural. Now, Nationalists get an initial advantage and a ’head start’, but if the Republicans correctly focus on delaying the civil war initially, they will be rewarded and eventually be able to take more states back from the Nationalists than if they focus on taking states from the very start. Delaying the civil war should therefore be more enticing as a strategy.
  39. Increased tech stealing bonuses to 300% from 200%.
  40. Increased tech stealing extra bonus outcomes to also give either 1 or 2 year ahead of time bonuses also.
  41. Tech stealing can now unlock techs, uses weights on tech picking to prefer more up to date and equipment for a more rewarding bonus.
  42. If Britain or France decide to abandon Czechoslovakia or Yugoslavia in their respective event chains, any guarantees they have made to those countries are revoked.
  43. Medium Aircraft Designers now affect scout planes.
  44. Added 4 civilian factories to Soviets.
  45. Added 1 mil and 2 civ factory to china.
  46. Changed one civ to 1 mil for PRC.
  47. Decreased manpower damage from resistance from 3% to 1.8%.


  1. Fixed ai not being able to properly put taskforces on hold on some lack of fuel situations.
  2. Fixed faction members joining wars via one’s puppets, overriding master’s consent.
  3. Pakistani independence war units will now be deleted when the two nations make peace in any circumstances.
  4. Fixed an issue in the Romanian focus tree where the ’All Parties Must End’ focus incorrectly added a democratic drift instead of non-aligned drift.
  5. Updated Romanian focus Handle The King to give democratic support instead of non-aligned.
  6. Fixed error in log about invalid nationality when running triggers for operative trait of a captured operative.
  7. Fixed lack of initial pause when starting a new game after exiting to menu from in game when the application was started with -start_speed=N.
  8. Fixed unit leaders being both reckless and cautious.
  9. Fixed a potential oos with random variables.
  10. Fixed "cancel improving relations" being disabled if you are out of pp.
  11. Fixed propaganda operative mission having no ETA nor efficiency indicator.
  12. Prevent some UI to be visible on the loading screen when loading a save from in-game.
  13. No Pasaran now bypasses if you have finished the SCW.
  14. Foreign arms purchases decisions should now appear for the anarchists.
  15. The French "Invest in..." focuses should now pick the correct states and not pick the same state twice.
  16. Fixed air base capacity not updating properly when the controller of the state differ from the controller of the airbase.
  17. When a long text is truncated, add the full text in tooltip, even in the main menu.
  18. Fixed an issue where Canadian focus "Skewer the Eagle" was automatically bypassed if Britain failed to enforce loyalty.
  19. French purchase weapon decisions should now show up correctly.
  20. Fixed front orders having glitchy graphics in some cases.
  21. Fixed display settings not being available in the launcher on Linux.
  22. French focuses should now be correctly positioned when La Resistance is not active.
  23. Former Warlords are now able to use the "Integrate the Warlords" decision given they have completed the appropriate focus.
  24. Limit the new decisions alert tooltip, to not show a too big list.
  25. Democratic Supervised States will now have elections.
  26. Fixed being able to see taken mutually exclusive focuses without intel.
  27. Fixed an exploit that was done by renaming unit templates to the one that will be used in scripts.
  28. Fix tooltip telling you can edit a template when you can’t.
  29. Fixed agency upgrades being free unless you have wtt dlc.
  30. Reordered country scorer database to avoid some crashes.
  31. Expand Soviet Aid focus now bypasses if you are Stalinist Spain and the SCW has ended.
  32. Fixed a crash that happens while loading/saving game rules if you enabled a difficulty setting that was on a disabled mod.
  33. Vichy France reuniting with Free France after Germany refuses to hand over the occupied territories will no longer result in a game over for a player Vichy France (Singleplayer only).
  34. Fixed clear user directory not clearing saved game rules.
  35. Against Fascism was impossible due to the combination of requirements. It no longer requires Expand Soviet Aid to be completed.
  36. Fixed compliance map icons not being visible if resistance is surpressed.
  37. Fixed a broken trigger in the Hungarian "Take Austria by Force" focus.
  38. Random Non-Aligned leaders should no longer be Anarchist.
  39. Fixed operative on Boost Ideology and Propaganda being re-assigned to Counter Intelligence on save load when no operative is assigned to Build Intel Network in their intel network.
  40. Fixed pressing esc while drawing front orders not clearing things correctly and causing issues in future fallback orders.
  41. The Iberian Pact Invoked event should now only fire if Spain or Portugal is not in a faction.
  42. Fixed being able to start the operation Orchestrate Coup against a country with the same ideology or already in a civilwar.
  43. Luis Maria Martinez should now use the correct portrait even if he is spawned via civil war.
  44. Remove manpower need for operations.
  45. Join the Allies now properly does what it says on the tin.
  46. Portuguese Anarchism focus now bypasses if Portugal no longer exists (for example if it has been Anarchized already).
  47. Anarchist Spain is no longer allowed to call into being nation-states from liberated communal territory, much less puppet these as well.
  48. Prevent CTD if the dependency of a technology is invalid.
  49. Fix a crash when refresh ratio is 0 and fullscreen = yes.
  50. Boost ideology network requirement only depends on the target state network.
  51. Unite Iberia now bypasses if Portugal no longer exists.
  52. Reaffirm the Popular Front Strategy now bypasses if the Anarchists have already rebelled.
  53. All Must Bear the Torch now also requires Collectivization and Workers’ Control to be completed, thereby preventing situations in which the former’s 5% recruitable population bonus was erroneously not being applied.
  54. French Disunite Germany focus will now only create a faction if France isn’t in one already.
  55. Unplanned Offensive now also reduces air mission effectiveness in affected areas.
  56. Fixed drop_cosmetic_tag not changing country colors in some cases.
  57. Fixed issues with resource requirements in operations differing between UI and gameplay.
  58. If an operation somehow gets too much equipment (like if modifiers improve) it will now give that back on start of operation.
  59. Fixed an issue where operation slots were duplicated on save load during preparation.
  60. Certain spanish song wont play overly much anymore.
  61. Why Die for Danzig achievement should now require players to turn France fascist and occupy Danzig without going to war with France.
  62. Regional Defense Council of Iberia focus not coring POR.
  63. Republican Spain should no longer incorrectly load the wrong strategy plan and expand Soviet aid in Historical Mode.
  64. Expand Soviet Aid now requires the Soviets to actually have sent volunteers before it is available.
  65. If Republican Spain declares independence after having Expanded Soviet Aid, the Soviet Union can now choose to grant it, instead of being forced to fight them over it. If the Soviet Union elected to annex Spanish land in preparation for the Independence War, via the event, this land will be returned and spawned divisions are once again removed. The AI is unlikely to choose this course of action unless they are in a large war.
  66. Ensured Reassert Dominance decisions can no longer target Denmark, if its capital has moved to the Americas.
  67. Anti-Fascist Unity is no longer available after the Anarchists have risen up.
  68. Fixed owner/controller in scripts not working in some cases.
  69. Fix dynamic countries not being able to research variants and having all land doctrine paths unlocked.
  70. Fixed coordinate strike not working in some cases.
  71. Tito now dies when you kill him (did not die previously when he was killed).
  72. Fixed num_finished_operations not working correctly.
  73. French Intervention in Greece focus should now give the correct claims.
  74. Achivement: I See Everything should now check for air intel as well.
  75. Allow operative to be re-assigned to their mission when the operation completes.
  76. Bled agreement effects.
  77. Toggle between build network and quiet network on right click. Improve tooltip, and fix map mode for CounterIntelligence mission.
  78. Limit amount of foreign manpower given.
  79. Add new request lend leases modifier for france traits.
  80. Added Corsica, Occitania, and Brittany as releasable nations.
  81. Multiplayer related DLC images and textbox fixed.
  82. Reload the number of factories used by project immediately.
  83. Fixed bug where staging a coup in Brazil lead to a second Civil War when Portugal completed The Empire of Brazil focus, even if stability and non-aligned support requirements in Brazil were met.
  84. Portugal AI will be more inclined to build the required dockyards for Naval Research Institute focus after completing Fuzileiros focus.
  85. Fixed add_ai_strategy.
  86. Added a tooltip to explain that you need an operative working on the network to prepare an operation.
  87. Fixed Guarda and Porto population being the other way around. Renamed state files to match the actual state names.
  88. Release captured operatives of your new allies when you join a faction.
  89. Fix garrison alert showing when you have foreign manpower.
  90. Fixed misspelling in a variable used for calculating size of Civil Wars in Portugal. Civil Wars in Portugal will be potentially harder but WAD now that the appropriate variable is used.
  91. Portugal cannot send volunteers to a Spanish faction they are not supporting.
  92. Fixed edge case where Spain could unlock two mutually exclusive faction branches (aka Anarchist and Communist) while the SCW starting event was active.
  93. Fixed Portuguese Anarchism focus to give Anarchist Spain a war goal against all Portuguese tags if Portugal is in a Civil War when the focus is completed.
  94. Nationalist Spain will no longer complete Iberian Pact focus in historical mode.
  95. A Portuguese puppet will not be able to complete focuses that will make it join a war upon completion.
  96. Fixes to historical AI strategy plan, preventing Portugal to take any undesired focuses that will make it abort historical plan.
  97. Fixed Metropolitan Army focus not actually giving technology boost for infantry and support equipment.
  98. Added "name = X" too all technology bonuses missing it in Portuguese FT, X being focus name.
  99. Fixed issue with Portuguese cosmetic tag colors: United Kingdom of Portugal and Brazil loosing its blue color when loading save game. The Fifth Empire will now be green for all ideologies (previously the color was only applied to non-aligned and democratic, and it was almost the same blue as for monarchists).
  100. French Reorganize the Aviation Industry decisions can now only be taken once each.
  101. Ratifying the Stresa front will now maintain the Franco-Soviet mutual guarantee.
  102. Fixed Linux exception.log being useless.
  103. Improved cleanup of unneeded leaders in script, and added a failsafe in the Temporal Continuum Matrix, both of which are aimed to prevent Franco or Mola from entering into our world from an alternate dimension and wage a war against themselves. Also prevented Primo de Rivera from rising from the dead.
  104. Radar technology for Czechoslovakia will now use the correct localisation.
  105. The tutorial should now correctly refer to Ethiopia.
  106. Fixed some countries not having illusive gentleman minister.
  107. Fixed an issue with a focus bypassing when it shouldn’t.
  108. Air continuous focus now also helps with scout planes.
  109. Fixed naval supremacy from intel being off by a hundred.
  110. Fixed a typo in a French idea.
  111. Czechoslovakia’s Focuses should now work as designed.
  112. Fixed incorrect advisor traits for 101 country tags.
  113. New Zealand will now gain access to a decision to request control of Pacific Islands upon completion of the "Maori Volunteers" focus.
  114. It will no longer be possible for Wang Ming or Zhang Lan to rule multiple countries.
  115. The Social Democracy focus for Communist China will now enable elections.
  116. Britain should now accept joining the Ententes through the French focus.
  117. Improvements to the form Polynesia decision: New Zealand can now request control of Pacific islands from their faction members.
  118. Various operative sound fixes.
  119. Fixed a loc issue when describing compliance requirements for creating collaboration regimes.
  120. Disabled anarchist ideology for randomly generated neutral country leaders.
  121. Chinese Warlords should be able to become Communist.
  122. Communists in the Government now also completes Increase Arms Production, allowing them to move down the Stalinist branch even if they started out as Republicans.
  123. War propaganda mission can now always be taken as long as there is intelligence network strength on targeted state.
  124. British Coerce Spain focus no longer influences Anarchist Spain.
  125. Fixed a DLC check issue with base game only lend lease.
  126. Fixed historical unit leaders getting their genders randomly assigned if not specified.
  127. Allow Portugal to remove the Unstable Republic national spirit when taking focuses ’Join the Axis’ and ’Honor Anglo-Portuguese Alliance’.
  128. The Stalinist Doctrine and Anti-Fascist Unity are now only 35 days, making it possible for the Stalinists to reach Anti-Fascist Unity before the Anarchists rise up.
  129. Fixed a broken trigger in the Expand the Burma Road decision.
  130. 1939 Spain start will now correctly have cores on historically Nationalist territory, and resistance will be correctly initialized on Republican states, allowing for re-coring via the decision system, as intended. Also removed cores of a superfluous Nationalist Spain tag.
  131. Fixed issues with the Spanish Civil War ending news events giving seemingly randomized combinations of titles and event texts. They should now properly reflect the SCW ending situation.
  132. Fixed intel network max planning penalty not applying to enemy.
  133. Fixed the Fascist Referendum decision incorrectly being available for the Carlists. Also made requirements more stringent for the Referendum decisions for all other Spanish factions.
  134. Fixed two game rules not working (Volunteers freely available and Hungary set to go Communist).
  135. Taking any focus that removes or reduces ’autonomy’ in Galicia, Pais Vasco, or Catalunya, while not controlling some of these states, will now remove or reduce ’autonomy’ of these states when you take control of them.
  136. Updated Belarusian division names with proper spellings.
  137. Fixed an issue where formable nations decisions category was using an incorrect asset.
  138. Galicia should now have appropriate historical party leaders.
  139. If Portugal joins the SCW, but their allied Spanish faction is defeated, this faction will now be recreated when Portugal wins, rather than result in a peace conference upon conclusion of the SCW.
  140. Fixed an issue that prevented Vichy Produce Airplane Parts spirit from correctly applying to Germany.
  141. Fixed Bulgarian Ships using generic Portuguese names for Submarines and Destroyers.
  142. Fixed an earlier fix for Expand Soviet Aid. It should now only bypass when having taken The Stalinist Doctrine and the civil war has ended, instead of always.
  143. The "Join the French" focus in the Dutch focus tree now takes new French focuses into account.
  144. Fixed some declare war pop up description issues.
  145. France can no longer start border wars over her colonies if at war with the controller of those colonies.
  146. Fixed an issue where, when the SCW starts, the other side did not have any cores on any of the Spanish states.Now both sides (Nationalists and Republicans) should have cores on all Spanish states upon the start of the SCW.
  147. Fixed an issue where Spanish Civil War factions did not have their cores initialized correctly, resulting in erroneous minimum surrender limit calculation. This resulted in Republican Spain having a surrender limit or 40%, rather than the intended limit of 15%. Together with the adjustment to the minimum surrender limit in the Death Before Surrender spirit for the Republicans, this should mean Republican Spain is much more difficult to capitulate now.
  148. The Iberian Pact is now bypassed if Portugal is already in a faction.
  149. Updated Portuguese Anarchism and Regional Defense Council of Iberia bypass and available triggers. Portuguese Anarchism should now bypass if you own their European states, ensuring you cannot get stuck on this focus as long as you do. Regional Defense Council of Iberia requires ownership of these same states.
  150. Ensured the Independence War news event for Spain shows the correct localization (it was referring to the wrong nation).
  151. Reworked AI weights on Limited Self-Rule and Lusotropicalism. Portugal AI will not choose Limited Self-Rule while ruling party is non-aligned or fascist.
  152. Prevent Nationalist Spain from joining factions on historical mode.
  153. Portuguese dynamic tags will get Portuguese Focus Tree after wining civil war.
  154. Swapped Porto and Guarda Region Type.
  155. Adjusted Portuguese population in Lisbon, Beja and Santarem states.
  156. Fixed Portuguese and Brazilian infantry division name to Divisão de Infantaria.
  157. Fixed bug with Purchase Ships decision, checking for the wrong DD technologies if MTG was active (which could lead to Portugal getting Basic Destroyers regardless of ITA/ENG DD hull research).
  158. "Continue the Public Works" and "Roads, Bridges and Dams" will add an extra building slot and infrastructure in Santarem. "A New Industry" and "Textile Industry" will add an extra civilian factory in Santarem.
  159. Swapped Alfredo da Silva’s and Duarte Pacheco’s advisor traits.
  160. Portuguese puppets will not get opinion penalty with Portugal upon completion of The Fifth Empire focus.
  161. Join the Comintern, Join the Allies, Honor Anglo-Portuguese Alliance, Join the Axis and The Royal Iberian Alliance focuses now require Portugal to not be in a faction and will get canceled if so.
  162. Completing Estado Novo focus will now lock Alvaro Cunhal as political advisor.
  163. Fixed issue with the chance of ships revolting during Navy Mutiny event.
  164. Renamed Franco’s old portrait to prevent it from being used unintentionally by the game.
  165. Units now correctly divide units into fallback orders that originate in friendly territory and pass through neutral territory.
  166. Army templates with >10 terrain adjusters will now create a scrollbar in template editor guis so all can be visible.
  167. Random generated female aces now get properly gender flagged.
  168. Made ideas database loading more resilient to script error.
  169. Fixed a case where you can steal ships.
  170. Fixed sometimes not getting used factories back when canceling an operation.
  171. Made the distribution of states for the Carlist and Anarchist uprisings more reasonable, especially when finishing the SCW early and therefore owning a lot of states before rising up as the Anarchists.
  172. Requesting Foreign Manpower Garrison support no longer overflows.
  173. Fixed an issue where territory wasn’t assigned properly in the Japan surrender to China.
  174. Fixed a rare edge case where Communist China could attempt to infiltrate itself.
  175. Lina Odena is now properly considered female when being referred to in text. Also updated her name to have the proper diacritics.
  176. Fixed usa fascist party popularity being set incorrectly after civil war.
  177. Annexed countries will be removed from wars now.
  178. Fixed access relations getting cancelled after a while.
  179. Fixed factory tooltips in country occupation view.
  180. Fixed collaboration government not having a proper name in some cases.
  181. Fix targeted legitimacy daily decision not giving 0.05 legitimacy.
  182. Fixed propaganda against warmonger decision not having lower cost against neighbors.
  183. Fix Missing localization tag for synthetic refineries when hovering over state resources.
  184. Fix steal naval blueprint removing civilian instead of a navy infiltration token.
  185. Invalid operations (target is now ally etc) are now cancelled even if they are prepared.
  186. France should now only be able to invite a country once into the non-intervention committee.
  187. Fixed two incorrect tags in a French focus.
  188. Fixed an issue preventing Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck from being recruited.
  189. Wilno will now become a core when forming the United Baltic States or Poland Lithuania.
  190. Nationalist Spain will no longer be offered to move their capital to Madrid if their capital is already Madrid.
  191. Carlist Spain should now have access to a naval advisor.
  192. Solved issue with the end of SCW news event having multiple event options.
  193. Fixed missing text in the Italian focus Develop the Benghasi Oil Fields.
  194. Mexico should no longer be able to send shipments to Spain if the war is over.
  195. Tooltip for Alan Turing should now make more sense.
  196. It is no longer possible to run an operation to capture cyphers if the target country is already fully decrypted.
  197. Fixed not properly creating collaborations in some cases involving states that are controlled but not owned.
  198. Fixed an exploit that allows you to control another country that was being controlled Back in the previous Game.
  199. Fixed missing icon and description for a hidden tech.
  200. Fixed activate_targeted_decision & remove_targeted_decision not working properly for some cases of state targeted decisions.
  201. Dynamic tag equipment and tech names fallback to original/base country tag.
  202. Fixed scope so that Navarra, if owned by the Carlists, will become their capital during Fascist Crackdown and Carlist Uprising events.
  203. Fix saving and reloading remove research bonus already applied to a research.
  204. Fixed a rare case where a recently freed collaboration government could peacefully annex the original country if both existed at the same time.
  205. Fixed a case where countries not joining peace conferences when there are multiple different wars the enemy is in.
  206. Fixed a rare case where Italy would not correctly join the Allies if France was already part of the Allies and Italy agreed to join the Stresa Front.
  207. Fixed the Paradox account initialization to detect the active session passed to the game from the launcher.
  208. Fixed Reichskommissariat Ukraine not properly puppeting Ukraina.
  209. Fixed an issue with tech stealing operation where players with MTG could be stealing old useless techs.
  210. Fixed civil war flags not being cleared when country is annexed by an effect and causing script issues.
  211. Fixed some occupation modifiers wrongly being applied after loading a save game.
  212. Impassable terrains no longer has resistance.
  213. Fixed some issues with resources that was causing inconsistencies with the last added resource type.
  214. "Give up Baleares" and "Refuse to Give up Baleares" events are now fired to Italy instead of Spain.
  215. Fixed china uprising decision not working in some cases.
  216. France should no longer abandon all bonds of fellowship by leaving their faction if they decide to support the Czechs together with Britain, because IT IS NOT THIS DAY.
  217. The EU should now correctly gain cores on Belgium and the Netherlands, Byzanthium and Imperium Romanum now also both gain cores on new states that were previously missing.
  218. Airwing duplication now also copies missions as well as the "auto turn off" training setting.
  219. Fixed some bugs that was changing resistance country (by cancelling and recreating resistance) not working.
  220. Evade Blockade decisions will now be properly removed after a country capitulates.
  221. Germany and Soviet air volunteers can fight each other in the civil war.
  222. Fix a case where carrier combat disruption was not working.
  223. Gibraltar will not generate resistance to any Spanish nation if it is transferred during the SCW.
  224. Fix instigate workers revolution britain not working properly.
  225. Fixed arguments not being passed to effects when using the effect console command.
  226. Fixed issue with Spanish cores at the end of the SCW. Now the SCW winner will get resistance in the initial states of the "major" (SPD/SPA) Spanish enemy, until they get cored via decisions.
  227. Fixed annexation effects not being triggered after defeating non-anarchist Portugal.
  228. French Coup operations should now correctly display their potential outcomes.
  229. Fixed air mission icons in intel ledger air map mode having wrong frame.
  230. Fixed a typo in Belarusian spelling and cleaned up spacing.
  231. The Chinese "Communist threat defeated" event is now suppressed after firing once until a new Communist infiltration is detected (WtT only).
  232. Fixed remove_unit_leader effect not working correctly in some cases.
  233. Fixed "Expand Garrison Control in Burgos" decision not increasing garrison control for the Republicans.

UI & Graphics

  1. Removed horrible yellow text in the description of an operation phase.
  2. Moved air research window elements a bit so it will fir 1920 width resolutions.
  3. Assigned f10 to faction map mode (you can take screen shot of map using ctrl + f10).
  4. Achievements should now have much more readable descriptions.
  5. Fix infinite production of ships not assigning names properly in the UI.
  6. Ensured the Abdication Crisis timed mission will now appear at the top of its decision category, for convenience.
  7. Fixed the Boost Ideology window to work with more than 4 ideologies.
  8. The list of aces to pick from is now sorted to have compatible and free aces at the top.
  9. Releasing puppet no longer creates a new operative slot that disappears again after unpausing.
  10. Fixed some graphical issues with frontlines.
  11. Fixed operative nationality flags not properly positioned when there are more than 2.
  12. Reduced excessive digits in percentages in various occupation tooltips.
  13. Improved operative slot tooltips to see where you are gaining your slots from.
  14. During peace conference, collaboration events are delayed until after and non-news events are hidden.
  15. Operatives can be disbanded to free up operative slots and recruit different operatives.
  16. French Focuses bypassed by not having an inefficient economy now correctly display that fact.
  17. Fixed is_on_continent trigger tooltip being reversed.
  18. Fix units when retreating towards a tile while in multiple combats has a wrong arrow visually.
  19. Clear all province colors when switching to root out resistance map mode.
  20. Unified achievements tooltips during game setup and in-game so that the in-game button shows the same details as game setup.
  21. Corrected achievement UI to be disabled when not logged in with necessary accounts, with explanation added to tooltip.
  22. Fixed "Expand Influence in state" decisions increasing the influence over max and causing ui to show wrong decision icons.
  23. Fixed Communal Autarky focus showing an effect tooltip twice.
  24. Added text-to-speech (Win/Mac) and speech-to-text (Win) to the multiplayer chat.
  25. Added large font support and visual message notification to the multiplayer chat.
  26. Added new 3D models for the various Spanish sides and Portuguese units in La Résistance.
  27. Fixed overflow of resource icons in the state view.
  28. Added ’lack of fuel’ icon for combat view for the divisions that are lacking fuel.
  29. Specified Cyrillic script fallback fonts for an old fonts used in a limited number of places, most notably the Autosaving message.
  30. Fixed untranslated OK and CANCEL buttons in various confirmation dialogs.


  1. Fix sound effect for light armour fire. Now it has more DAKKA.


  1. Prevented AI from attempting to refit ships to their current equipment variant.
  2. Fixed an issue with French Random Ai path selection breaking in most cases.
  3. You can now set the French Ai to become monarchist through custom game rules (LaR only).
  4. Fixed an issue where the Soviet AI random path selection was broken.
  5. Republican Spain is now more intelligent in when it will Expand Soviet Aid.
  6. Republican Spain will now never join the allies in search of aid in their independence war, and thereby cause an Allied-Soviet war.
  7. Ai should now randomize their boost resistance operation target a bit more.
  8. Fixed some cases where ai creates invalid invasion orders and wastes units.
  9. Fixed some issues that were making ai not assigning strike forces properly.
  10. Ai is now less reluctant to accept other ai countries’ access requests if other country is too small.
  11. Delayed UK AI strategy for piling in to save benelux to avoid awkward timing issues.
  12. Spanish AI will now be less disinclined to take certain advisors.
  13. German AI should now research 1940 fighters (after 1940 due to balance concerns).
  14. Allies no longer ask SOV for military access.
  15. Fixed ai not upgrading templates of existing units.
  16. Fixed some issues that resulted in ai preferring producing earlier ships.
  17. Ai ITA no longer releases Libya as a collaboration government.
  18. Ai will try not to pick closed economy laws if it has large allies.
  19. Fixed ai not taking zero cost decisions if it has negative pp.
  20. Ai will be less reluctant to create collaborations if it already has some.
  21. GER now will try to put more armor to low countries instead of france border.
  22. Ai now able to send volunteer airwings again (optimization broke it in 1.8.1).
  23. Soviets are discouraged from sending volunteers to western Europe.
  24. Neutral ai countries won’t create collaborations unless it is past 1944 and they are at peace.
  25. Ai will not create single state collaborations.
  26. The US should now declare war on Vichy france closer to the historical date.
  27. ITA now no longer invades NOR until FRA falls.
  28. Soviet will now build less naval bombers and a bit more fighters.
  29. Portugal AI will accept to Restore the Iberian Union if it is a puppet of Carlist Spain.


  1. Updated some Soviet tank variant flavor names.
  2. War goals gained from focuses no longer expire.
  3. Rearranged the order of dynamic tag colors, making it less likely that Nationalist Spain or Vichy France will end up neighboring dynamically-generated tags (civil war factions) that have the same color as them.
  4. Researching modern spaa now correctly shows modern spaa subunit as unlock (it always unlocked it, but showed wrong subunit instead).
  5. José Antonio Primo de Rivera and Francisco Franco advisors now have icons that are direct copies of their country leader portraits. In Franco’s case this has resulted in miraculous rejuvenation!
  6. Minor performance improvements through usage of more accurate scoping in operation triggers.
  7. Added flavor names for Portugese tanks.
  8. SS divisions recruited through decisions now have motorized recon units instead of horses.
  9. Enabled Jacques Duclos as a French operative in the communist branch (LaR only).
  10. José Díaz now uses the updated portrait as a default.
  11. Added unique event picture for Occupation of Tangiers events.
  12. Added victory points to Samoa, Tahiti, Hawaii, Vanuatu and Polynesia.
  13. Brittany should now use their namelist.
  14. The Republican tree for Spain (POUM, Stalinists, and Democrats) has received various balancing tweaks and additional industry focuses, to make post-Civil War gameplay more enjoyable.
  15. Added a few new Carlist focuses to slightly improve their industrial situation after the civil war.
  16. Relocate Government to Batavia focus now also adds 70 compliance to Indonesian states.
  17. It is now no longer possible to avoid the Carlist/Anarchist uprisings by ending the Spanish Civil War before their timers expire. The timers will now continue until expiring, and, if the opposing faction (Republicans or Nationalists) has been defeated already, a new civil war will begin with the Carlists or the Anarchists (Franco can avoid this by taking the Fuse the Parties focus, as normal). New news events and descriptions for existing events have been added for these situations. The Civil War will now only be considered ’ended’ when all factions have been defeated, or Franco takes the Fuse the Parties focus.
  18. France now has the correct heavy battery and secondary battery unlocked in 1936 (MtG only).
  19. Slightly adjusted A Great Spain and The Popular Front focus placement to be more central.
  20. Increased the strength of the focuses contained within the Expand Soviet Aid branch, to make these more useful and worth the repercussions. Also made them impact Communism support more.
  21. Reduced surrender limit offset (mninimum surrender limit) for Republican and Anarchist Spain in the Death Before Surrender spirit to 5%, down from 15%.
  22. Added an additional 5% neutrality support to both Safeguard the Freedom of Worship and Integrate the Requetés, making it easier for Francoist Spain to remain below 40% fascism support, in case they want to join the Allies.
  23. Changed the country names for Galicia and added party names for Spanish releasables.
  24. Renamed Elastic Defense focus to Rebuild the Lines of Torres Vedras for better flavor.
  25. Fixed "Catalonian Occupation Zone" to properly refer to a "Catalan Occupation Zone", instead.
  26. Fixed decision requirements in the Abdication Crisis timed mission.
  27. Fixed a number of issues with the French Legitimist Monarchist branch.
  28. Fixed flavor text in the Spanish Independence War news event.
  29. Fixed some issues with Japan’s head of intelligence advisor.
  30. Dismantling the Maginot Line now removes the "Protected by the Maginot Line" national spirit. The Extending the Maginot Line Focus now requires this spirit.
  31. Fixed an issue with Yugoslavian Fighter/Bomber competition event chain having unlocalized strings.
  32. Added missing name for Concessions to the Anarchists decision.
  33. Fixed Soviet Union seizing Spanish gold reserves even if the gold was never relocated.
  34. The French "Economic Devolution" focus now displays the correct effects after it is taken.
  35. Fixed a missing Czech airwing name.
  36. Spanish focus "Demand French North Africa" now also gives Algerian Desert.
  37. Portugal will not be able to complete "Intervention in Spain" or "Nationalist Intervention" if it is in a faction with Spain.
  38. Free French coup in territory operations should now only be available against the country actually occupying that territory.
  39. Spanish POUM will no longer share the same game rules as Anarchist Spain. They will be able to join factions, boost ideology and puppet nations.
  40. Fixed a number of edge cases in the Munich conference logic (and probably introduced a number of new edge cases, happy hunting!).
  41. Tito should no longer be able to serve as chief of army if he is dead.
  42. Added Niceto Niceto Alcalá-Zamora as the initial leader of Spain in 1936, along with an event to replace him with Manuel Azaña in April 1936.
  43. Fixed an issue where France would start out with too low war support if Man The Guns was not active.
  44. Vichy France is now informed if any colonial territories are taken over by Free France.
  45. Several new Spanish advisors are now at the service of the different Spanish factions. POUM will also receive a field marshal and two generals upon completion of Masters of Our Own Fate focus.
  46. Brazilian Fascist party will become an Anti-Monarchist Coalition when Portugal completes the focus Monarchist Uprising in Brazil.
  47. Added general Jose Asensio Torrado to the Spanish roster, so he can finally show up his cool portrait.
  48. Fixed missing portrait for Spanish general in vanilla.
  49. Fixed unlocalized option in one of the Spanish civil war news events.
  50. Spanish Election of 1936 events will now get the current Spanish leader, Niceto Alcala-Zamora.
  51. Updated BLR division names to use Belarusian instead of Russian.
  52. Added in decision category art for generic formable nations.
  53. The UK will now prioritize giving Gibraltar, if possible, to SPD, then SPA, then SPB and, only if no other Spanish tag exists, to SPC when they complete "Withdraw from Contested Territories" focus.
  54. Added advisor portrait for Agustin Munoz Grandes.
  55. Improved French intervention in SCW so that now France, if fighting in the SCW, will be at war with any new Spanish tag spawned.
  56. Any Spanish tag revived by a foreign ally will now declare war on any foreign country allied to any other Spanish tag.
  57. Chinese decision to move the capital to Beijing/Nanjing will no longer be available for subjects. This change fixes the issue with Portuguese China moving their capital and making the achievement "Go ahead, Macau my Day" impossible to complete.
  58. Pierre Laval now starts out as the French starting leader.
  59. Prevented Monarchist France from being able to join the Spanish Civil War on the Anarchist side.
  60. Portuguese "Volunteers in the War" National Spirits will be removed when the SCW is over.


  1. Added trigger network_national_coverage to test for Intel Network National Coverage.
  2. Unless producer tag is specified, add_equipment_to_stockpile will now remove equipment from all tags until it removes all required amount if amount is negative.
  3. Fixed updating a mod possibly breaking fired events in saves.
  4. Event pictures now can be customized using scope by using scripted localization (example: picture = " ").
  5. Added set_variable_to_random/set_temp_variable_to_random effect/triggers.
  6. Added markdown/json/html files for scripting documentation.
  7. Added console command documetation to -dump_script_doc launch option.
  8. Improved logging of event errors to specify file, line number, and id, and logged when the event window times out but no option is allowed by script.
  9. Added support for random female army leaders & admirals (controlled by define NCountry::FEMALE_UNIT_LEADER_BASE_CHANCE & modifiers female_random_operative_chance female_random_army_leader_chance female_random_admiral_chance).
  10. Added effects for setting country/unit leader portrait/name/description.
  11. Fixed duplicate localization keys breaking strings in the game.
  12. Removed "We ran out of preallocated icons for icon type" error.
  13. Added error logging for defines that have invalid values. They are still fixed up to be valid, but now the automatic change is reported, alerting designers and modders to adjustments that will not have the expected effect.
  14. Fixed has_available_idea_with_traits tooltip not listing traits.
  15. Fixed originator property of operative_leader_event effect not working as intended.
  16. Now possible to get intel agency name from localization as [ROOT.GetAgency].
  17. Fixed handling of -start_speed=N startup option so that the game will immediately begin running even when combined with -start_save=SAVE.
  18. Technology tokens can now be accessed as variables. added num_researched_technologies trigger. added researched_techs country array.
  19. Fixed on_daily_TAG (and weekly/monthly) on actions not working.
  20. Added ignore = {] support for has_available_idea_with_traits so modders can add a list of ideas to ignore while counting.
  21. Added has_allowed_idea_with_traits trigger.
  22. Fixed a crash with nudger while editing states.
  23. It is possible to specify name & icon in create_intelligence_agency effect now.
  24. Added state_resource_cost_steel (and others) modifier that will add a resource cost for state (they can reduce state resources below zero and unaffected by transfer ratio).
  25. Added country_resource_steel & country_resource_cost_steel (and others) which can be used in country scope to add/remove resources to country (added ones are affected by production modifiers).
  26. Added max_planning_factor modifier.
  27. Added error log for non-existing game rule option for has_game_rule trigger.
  28. Fixed script triggers not producing correct tooltip for scripted_trigger = no.
  29. Fixed some tooltip issues with for_each_scope_loop effect and all_of_scopes & any_of_scopes triggers.
  30. Specific ideologies can now be disabled for random country leaders by setting can_be_randomly_selected = no.
  31. Updated documentation files.
  32. Made random_list property log to log to in-game console while in debug mode.
  33. Added exclude_dlc support for game rules & options.
  34. Fixed accessing variables using other variables not working ( such as var_name:var_name2 ).
  35. Added seed = var support for scripted locs random list & random list effect.
  36. Laws/ministers can be now modded to use list view instead by adding use_list_view = yes to their idea group.
  37. Fixed country_resource_cost_ modifiers not applying correctly.
  38. Fixed state resource cost modifiers not showing in tooltip if there were no other resources.
  39. Country total resources can go below zero now.
  40. The game no longer aborts due to map errors if launched in debug mode, to allow access to the Nudger.
  41. The game now displays a pop up when reaching the main menu if it detected invalid map data when launched in debug mode.
  42. Added on_operative_recruited & on_operative_created on actions.
  43. Fixed invalid error logs with tag aliases.
  44. Added army_experience navy_experience air_experience country variables.
  45. Scripted effects with names that start with "d_" (example d_test_effect) now will be available as a console command) example usages are in zzz_debug_effects.txt.
  46. Added mtth database that allows mean_time_to_happen/ai_will_do structure as if they were variables.
  47. Added script profile scopes for ideas.
  48. Fixed country_resource_cost modifiers for real.
  49. Fixed occurences of limit in an else effect not being reported as an error.
  50. Added dirty = var_name for scripted windows. if this variable name is set, the game will check if the value of that variable is changed before updating scripted windows to see if it needs to update the gui. by default guis are updated every hour/with every command. now if a change has been made that would affect the scripted gui, you can just change/increase a variable to force an update and improve performance.
  51. Errors that cause the invalid map data error are now preffixed with MAP_ERROR.
  52. Release release_puppet release_autonomy effects no longer changes the controller if the state is controlled by a non-ally country.
  53. You can specify a list of effects under spawn_civil_war effect now, which will be executed under new civil war country.
  54. Added release_on_controlled release_puppet_on_controlled effects that also works if on your controlled states.
  55. Added army_ledger navy_ledger air_ledger civilian_ledger tokens for parent_window_token scripted gui entries.
  56. Added state modifiers for building & repair speed for specific building types (example state_production_speed_infrastructure_factor state_repair_speed_infrastructure_factor).
  57. Added is_impassable trigger.
  58. Added support for highlight_state_targets for decisions which is a script target that can be used for highlighting states. should give improved performance if used instead of highlight_states.
  59. Decision scripted guis now supports dirty var as well.
  60. Event effects now accepts variables as its duration entries.
  61. Enabled 3D mesh lookup based on a country’s cosmetic tag before checking its true tag.
  62. Added MAX_NUMBER_OF_TEXTURES define which can be increased for mods that had more than previously hardcoded 10k texture limit.

Stability & Performance

  1. Fixed CTD when trying to assign a front line to a selection of units where some belong to an army group and some are unassigned.
  2. Fixed CTD when the game files do not specify a strategic region for a province.
  3. Fixed crash if the GAME_SPEED_SECONDS define is missing or too short.
  4. Fixed CTD caused by invalid values in game rules.
  5. Fixed CTD when tag switching related to naval mines.
  6. Fixed crash uploader on Linux not working.
  7. Fixed a ctd when a mod removes existing gui element.
  8. Fixed CTD due to stack overflow when trying to set a tooltip handler to a window that had no guitype.
  9. Fixed CTD that may happen when confirming the replacement of a technology to research.
  10. Fixed CTD that may happen when a naval invasion land in some cases.
  11. Fixed CTD that can occur when a carrier ship is tranferred between countries.
  12. Added mitigation when loading a save that has invalid access rules for carrier.
  13. Fixed CTD on missing static modifier definition.
  14. Fixed CTD when define NIntel::MAP_INTEL_VISIBILITY_CUTOFFS was illformed.
  15. Improved performance slightly by making some adjustments to triggers (courtesy of Yard1).
  16. Fixed some performance issues with naval invasion ai.
  17. The game will now abort if the map contains invalid data.
  18. Fixed CTD when accessing the airwings of a carrier that has been acquired through the annexation of a puppet.
  19. Fixed CTD caused by event that would kill country leaders or a country that had none.
  20. Fixed CTD when evaluating event target with an invalid state id.
  21. Fixed CTD when an airbase with air volunteers was destroyed.
  22. Fixed CTD that can be caused by some moded ship equipment type.
  23. Fixed CTD caused by a task force located in a province with no sea access.
  24. Fixed CTD that could happen when releasing a country.
  25. Fixed a ctd when \n at the end of definition.csv is forgotten.
  26. Prevent CTD when attempting to display the airwings of an airbase the player does not have access to.
  27. Fixed abort to trigger on more cases where invalid map data is detected.
  28. Fixed CTD on invalid naval terrain type for a strategic region.
  29. Fixed CTD on invalid state definition.
  30. Fixed CTD that could happen when re-ordering ship names.
  31. Fixed CTD when displaying the tooltip of the join faction diplomatic action.
  32. Fixed CTD when a autonomy_state has not been correctly loaded.
  33. Fixed unnamed gui objects possibly causing crashes and added an errorlog.
  34. Blocked execution of white_peace before game start, along with error log explanation, instead of CTD.
  35. Fixed CTD on Windows related to flag atlas texture update.
  36. Fix performance issue when creating dynamic tags from targeted decisions.
  37. Fixed a bug that was leaking memory in decision scripted guis.
  38. Fixed a ctd that happens when you have invalid color characters.
  39. Fixed a ctd that can happen when loading a save that has gie with units in naval transfer.
  40. Fixed a crash that happens when saving when a border war ordergroup is invalid.
  41. Fixed a ctd that happens during peace conf when the game tries getting tooltip for a deleted action.
  42. Fixed CTD while loading a save game for some mods.
  43. Fixed CTD on Windows caused by the assumption of the presence of the popcnt instruction.
  44. Fixed a CTD caused by missing pie chart UI element in the diplomacy view.
  45. Fixed an oos due to random variables.