Update v1.9.2


  1. The Bell Tolls for Us achievement should now trigger when winning the civil war.
  2. The bonuses for collaboration governments are no longer reversed so the special outcome ends up worse, also adjusted levels according to actual old default.
  3. Both outcomes on civilian tech stealing no longer gives max bonus.
  4. Our Chief Weapon is Surprise will no longer check how many operatives you have and will correctly only check if you have done 5 coups.
  5. Fixed an issue where the British Raj could end up with no recruitable manpower if they went down the swaraj focus path (TfV only).
  6. Countries should no longer leave the Latin Bloc formed by Spain after a day.
  7. Fixed an issue with Carlist spain losing its 3d models after reinstating the monarchy.
  8. Fixed an issue with the Spanish unique 3d tank model not appearing correctly.
  9. Fixed some issues with coordinated strike that was making them with naval bombings.
  10. Fix AI constantly cancelling sending expeditionary units for a player and ai.
  11. Fixed issue with cores and resistance during and after SCW.
  12. Korea should now correctly be released if Manchukuo breaks free from japan and forces a peace settlement with them.
  13. Fixed an issue with army training xp generation.
  14. Fixed operative resuming their mission after an operation being able to run their mission in a quiet network.
  15. It is now possible to recruit local agents in countries occupied by a third party.
  16. Tech stealing can no longer unlock mutually exclusive techs and will let you unlock techs with less than 50% progress on them directly also.
  17. Hinder NKVD Interference focus will be canceled if The Stalinist Doctrine is completed, fixing an edge case where player could unlock both sub-branches.
  18. Soviet now retains the old behaviour of sending volunteers to spain.
  19. Fix end of civil war events no longer firing (initially reported on German Civil war).
  20. Tech stealing text now matches what you always get rather than sometimes being random.
  21. Fixed an issue with the Iberian union not getting the correct 3d model.


  1. Added mil factory to china that was incorrectly set up in 1.9.1.
  2. Capture cypher operation now gives between 30-50% decrypt and requires a bit lower network.
  3. Lowered operation duration for infiltrate Army/Navy/Air from 90 to 75.
  4. Lowered boost resistance operation duration to 50 days from 60.
  5. Lowered duration on targetted sabotage from 120 to 90 days.
  6. Sabotage operation now also increases damage done rather than just aiding in targetting.
  7. Lowered chance for agent capture and increased chance for harm and hiding to reduce the amount of rescue missions needed.
  8. Reduced cost increase for repeating tech steal operation from a target.
  9. Reduced cost increase for repeating sabotage operation on a target.
  10. Increased weights for equipment unlocks a bit from tech stealing operation.
  11. Carrier planes no longer suffer the range coverage penalty during coordinated strikes.
  12. Spain will not get resistance from the states until the SCW is completely over, meaning that the second uprising has been triggered/avoided. This is also applied if a Spanish faction defeats the other Spanish tags before her second uprising happens, since the SCW will not end until the second uprising has been dealt with.
  13. If France backs down during the Sudeten Crisis, French guarantees on Yugoslavia will also be removed (no one believes you anymore France).
  14. French guarantees on Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia are now cancelled if France goes with Britain.


  1. AI japan will no longer make Marianas a collaboration regime, similarly with Czechoslovakia which is a bit too complex to represent well with the AI here.
  2. AI Spanish Factions will now surrender if they do not control any state in the Iberian Peninsula, but own other territories outside of it (preventing the player from needing to execute naval invasions to win the SCW).


  1. The coordinated strike operation now has proper effect descriptions explaining what it does.
  2. Removed a unlocalized debug tooltip when planning operations.


  1. Removed tooltip in News Events showing up after defeating the other faction/s in the SCW before the second uprising. Added tooltip in News Events showing up after actually wining the SCW.
  2. Fixed an issue where, under specific circumstances in some edge cases, Gibraltar cores/claims could be lost.

Stability & Performance

  1. Fixed OOS related to different language settings between the host and client.
  2. Fixed OOS due to differing ship name in combat result.
  3. Fixed OOS when joining a MP that has not LaR with a client that has LaR enable while comming back from a game with active operatives.
  4. Added basic land and naval combat details to hourly OOS checks.
  5. Fixed save game formatting of AI strategies for managing production of army roles, to use text instead of unstable numeric IDs.
  6. Enabled the abort on map error for when game files are modified in the installation directory.
  7. Fixed CTD when showing the leaderboard before going back to the main menu.
  8. Fix a CTD on related to clearing strategic air data and processing air activity.
  9. Fixed OOS caused by a client that has been kicked from or lost connection to their last game when the client has different DLC settings than the new host.
  10. Reduced the hourly tick cost of checking for out-of-syncs by calculating checksum only for existing countries, and only for technologies actively being researched.
  11. Fixed a crash that could happen when assigning operative to an operation.
  12. Fixed OOS in naval combat when convoys are sunk in a MP with at least one client using a different language than the host.
  13. Fixed OOS when a player asks an AI for a lend lease.
  14. Fixed OOS caused by differing name of the airbase airwings participating in naval combat are coming from when a client has a different language setting than the host.