Update v1.10.6


  1. It is no longer possible to swap templates on divisions that are encircled.
  2. For garrison reinforcement, check the division’s blocked equipments to make sure they are not used.
  3. Ethiopia now has the ability to submit a peace deal to Italy if they manage to push the Italians out of East Africa.

Stability & Performance

  1. Random CTD fix in volunteer GUI.
  2. Optimized triggers for Spanish "Ignite Anarchist Uprising" decision.
  3. Refactored scripted ai_strategies to be less performance-intensive.
  4. Fixed false positive out of sync 56 when mixing Windows and Linux/Mac clients.
  5. Fixed CTD when going to menu after console cmd reloadtechnologies.
  6. Fixed CTD caused by the transfer of ships currently being refitted from one country to another, e.g. at the start of a civil war. Refitting is now always cancelled when ownership is transferred.
  7. Fixed a CTD when a decision expires with the decision UI opened and frame smoothing is enabled.
  8. Trying to connect to a badly formed UUID will no longer crash the game while playing with PdxMP.


  1. Added feedback for naval combat when one side consisted of only convoys.
  2. Fixed some incorrect russian localization.
  3. Display confirmation popup when kicking or banning a player from lobby.
  4. Nation Focus name text now truncates if it is too long.
  5. Change Division Template dropdown list for unassigned divisions will no longer be occluded by army containers further down in the list.
  6. Toggling the music player now displays the correct tooltip based on its visibility state.
  7. Remove Ship roles gui elements when Man The Guns is not active, since they can never be set.
  8. Resume mission text now hidden in basic spy recruit window.
  9. Fix timed events persisting on the alert bar beyond their expiration.
  10. Right-clicking on an air wing’s aircraft count/reinforcement limit display now sets the reinforcement limit to the current number of aircraft in the air wing, as stated in the tooltip.


  1. Turkey should now join the allies in late 1943 or early 1944.
  2. When AI is refitting a ship, make sure it does not choose an obsolete model as target.
  3. AI no longer deletes their whole naval production queue at game start.
  4. Minor improvement to make the AI slightly less willing to ally back with Bulgaria, after Bulgaria has kicked out the country from the faction for refusing Balkan Unification.
  5. Prevented Bulgarian AI from aborting its Historical strategy plan due to undesired reasons. Now the historical plan will only be aborted if Bulgaria is at war with Germany.
  6. Greece AI set to go Communist no longer spends lots of PP in the decision "Go to Paris to Negotiate Investment Talks" constantly.
  7. Portuguese Ai should no longer go crazy on ship purchasing decisions.
  8. Made ai more inclined to improve relations with neighbors for Bedrock of Balkan Financial Stability focus.
  9. Japanese ai will now be cautious about the shanxi border during the marco polo incident.
  10. Soviet strategy to keep volunteers out unless china is losing should now has enough score to work as intended.
  11. Fixed ai not giving control of states to allies during war.


  1. Start date again supports year with 5 digits (for all you future mod bois).
  2. Added optional argument exclude_refitting to transfer_ship effect so that when for example the American civil war is set up ships that are currently being refitted are excluded in the search for ships to transfer to the CSA.
  3. add_building_construction effect no longer targets non-land provinces


  1. Removed "legacy test" fleet name from non-mtg fleet OOBs.
  2. Added Kurdish, Ukrainian, Georgian, Armenian namelists.
  3. Changed nationalities of historical Japanese Operative.
  4. The "Carry the revolution West" focus for France will now correctly describe its effects.
  5. Added event informing Romania if the Megali Idea is approved, warning them they may soon be dragged into a war with France and/or United Kingdom, and offering them a chance to revoke their guarantee of Turkey.
  6. Minor cosmetic update of some companies due to request.
  7. Fixed error in navy tech tree where the first heavy shell tech, Armor-Piercing Capped Shell, was intended to be a 1936 tech but was set to be a 1938 tech.
  8. José Díaz now has a working portrait if you do not have the LaR DLC.
  9. Added Tom Moore (RIP o7).
  10. Changed the "Ban Democratic Party" decision to be consistent with "Ban Fascist Party" and "Ban Communist Party".
  11. The "Expand Civil Support" decision for Democracies should now have sufficient effects.
  12. Fixed text issues in the USSR-Greece investment events.
  13. America should no longer be called "Loyalists" or "Constitutionalists" when puppeted or released.
  14. Brazilian state names have been corrected. The game is now playable.
  15. British Raj now begins with Great War tank technology unlocked.
  16. The province of Gyurmi is now correctly named Gyumri.
  17. Sao Salvador dropped the Sao.
  18. Chernivtsi re-spelled to use ostensibly correct Romanian.

Graphics & Audio

  1. Show divebombing animation for opposed air missions that still retain enough efficiency.
  2. Minor improvements to the BftB loading screen (sadly not additional cats).
  3. Fixed some spy portraits that were too big.
  4. Added Portuguese voice-over for La Résistance owners.
  5. Added cooldown for garrison requirement alert sound.
  6. Added a generic 3d model for bicycles (!!!).
  7. Airplane 3d models in tech view now use same logic as on map so that specialized versions show.


  1. Fixed a bug where Transylvania was not being included as a Balkan nation.
  2. Democratic Reformers all around the globe will no longer check if they’re Portuguese or not.
  3. Fixed some issues with Bulgarian Fatherland Front Coup being triggered too early and due to some inappropriate conditions.
  4. Fixed Fatherland Front Civil War not removing Fatherland Front National Spirit and Decisions from the original tag.
  5. Minor fix that should prevent an error triggered due to wrong scope when Bulgarian communist CW starts and the Fatherland Front is added to the appropriate wars.
  6. Fixed a bug by which Bulgaria could purchase equipment that was not researched by the seller. Bulgaria now needs to purchase equipment from a seller that has already researched the equipment tech. Bulgaria no longer needs to research the equipment tech by herself in order to purchase equipment.
  7. Fixes to some peace conference error due to wrong scope.
  8. Fixed an issue where any country at war with the US could remove US cores from states (instead of just CSA).
  9. Fixed issue with War Overview opening the wrong national intel view.
  10. Greece can now restore Byzantium if they have the BftB but not the WtT dlc.
  11. Fixed localization error in South African event, making it appear like the help request came from the target country.
  12. Fixed the Guardians of Kemalism Focus so that it shouldn’t be able to randomly pick the same state twice.
  13. Fixed Turkish on map decisions for Turkey so that they now cost the indicated amount of Command Power.
  14. Changed event so that turkey guarantees the Golden Square led Iraq, rather than the non-aligned regime.
  15. Fixed Peninsular network of factories focus so that it now gives factories to Balkan Pact countries as well as to Turkey.
  16. Changed Greek election to only fire for original Greece, not for spawned civil war countries.
  17. South African focus for demanding Madagascar will now appropriately target the controller of the state, instead of France (regardless of whether they control it).
  18. Acquiesce to Fundamentalists decision for Turkey now has a clearer tooltip.
  19. Greece will no longer experience a conscription crisis if following the communist path.
  20. Anti-Communist Volunteers focus for Japan now allows you to send volunteers as well as applying bonuses.
  21. Invite Japanese Settlers focus for Manchukuo will no longer display incorrect state target if Germany has completed their industrial focus branch.
  22. The independence war focus for Manchuria now works.
  23. Correct event description now applied to romanian callback event from hungary (DOD_hungary.64).
  24. Fixed missing string in tooltip for Imperalist crises in British colonies.
  25. Case Anton decision category now correctly shows up if Vichy France is not a puppet of Germany.
  26. Tooltip for Czech subjugation in hungarian events no longer displays two similar lines.
  27. The "London Conference" event chain related to Germany demanding Slovenia should no longer result in contradictionary news events and effects.
  28. Fix inconsistent war names between world tension summary and war summary.
  29. Fixed bug where the "After the capitulation of X we are now the leader of faction Y" popup was shown for all players in multiplayer and not only the new leader.
  30. Fixed bug where the "We continue the fight as a Government in Exile" popup after capitulating was shown for all players in multiplayer and not only the player capitulating.
  31. Fixed Spain’s post-SCW un-cored states causing issues when Spain is annexed before they get around to re-integrating those states. Now, annexing Spain will grant them cores on those states, so Spain can be released as one contiguous whole afterwards.
  32. Remove invalid options for Investment Possibilities decisions.
  33. Multiple Fixes to Destroy IMRO decisions both for Bulgaria and for other countries. Decisions now come back after being canceled. Skirmish Against IMRO state modifiers will be properly removed when decisions are canceled. Triggers and tooltips have being fixed/improved.
  34. If Italy initially accepts the invitation to the Megali convention but then attacks Greece, they are now removed from the convention as they are behaving in a disruptive manner.
  35. The Greek Monarchist Civil War should now only fire once.
  36. Fixed ship refitting not being cancelled when the ship is forced out to sea as a result of the ownership of the naval base changing.
  37. Fixed issue where resistance wouldn’t start in colony states as the Spanish Civil War ends.
  38. The Damascus Diktat now refers to whoever controls Syria rather than always referring to France.
  39. Greek fascist generals should now join the right side of the civil war.
  40. Nepal should now have access to basic infantry divisions.
  41. France should no longer go communist on historical when LaR is disabled.
  42. Fixed certain Bulgarian News Events scoping to the wrong tag in loc.
  43. Fixed typo in a Bulgarian cosmetic tag adjective breaking loc.
  44. Fixed targeted variables causing ctd if target is an integer outside of state limits.
  45. Fixed random seed on turkey random_list decisions.
  46. Bulgaria can bypass joining the tripartite pact if they are a subject.
  47. Fixed a few missing localization keys.
  48. French civil war now has timed decisions for communist -and- fascist civil wars.
  49. Themistoklis Sofoulis no longer slowly achieves world domination by accidental democracy.
  50. Imperial Subjects can declare war now.
  51. Fascist France can now ally Spain if it is non-aligned and led by Franco.
  52. Infrastructure tooltip updated.
  53. Operatives equipment allocation in Deploy screen no longer shown if you dont have access to that feature from La Resistance.
  54. Tweaked values and fixed Loyalty Multiplier which was unintentionally removing days instead of adding them to the Fatherland Front Coup Preparations mission timer. This should significantly reduce the amount of days removed by a single complementary mission.
  55. New decisions UI for Bulgarian and Greek Internal Faction systems.
  56. The French "Reach out to Spain" focus should now have (and show) an effect if Franco is the country leader of Spain in an unaligned government.
  57. Fix puppeted states not being allowed to declare war even when the correct rules param is set.
  58. Fixed an issue where Turkey could end up kicking itself out of their own faction (doh).