Update v1.11.6


  1. Flattened tank chassis IC cost, raising earlier chassis by 10-20%, up to no change at later chassis.
  2. Transport planes now cost fuel to run.
  3. Reduced truck damage from logistics strike mission by approx 30%, reduced train damage from logistics strike mission by approx 15%.


  1. Fixed dynamic modifiers not returning localized keys when supplied.
  2. set_nationality effect will no longer check if the character is ’available’ in the target country before transferring them.
  3. set_nationality on characters will no longer cause their owning country to reset to their original country on loading savegame. This addresses several CTDs and some unexpected behaviour.

Stability & Performance

  1. Fixed OOS and other subtle issues caused by bad ordering of logistics stockpile in deployment logic.
  2. Fixed CTD with mods that fire leaders without giving AI a proper 7 days notice period.
  3. Liberal use of diplomatic_relation in script will not longer slowly corrupt memory, triggering random CTD and OOS.


  1. Fixed CTD when clicking on provinces with no owner (mods only).