Update v1.11.9


  1. Fixed some DX11 and OpenGL UI elements being 1 pixel off by making them incorrectly positioned the same way DX9 does.


  1. The game will no longer show an empty "Modify Government" alert when using hidden ideas.

Stability & Performance

  1. Fixed CTD due to AI not being notified when a leader is removed from a country.


  1. Fixed adding or removing divisions to a general under a marshal not updating the marshal’s abilities’ effects.
  2. Fixed capping of the reliability value to 100% in the Tech Details view.
  3. Fixed a bug where character traits would sometimes duplicate on level up.
  4. Fixed Radio II XP cost for the tank designer being higher than intended.
  5. Isoroku Yamamoto will no longer have an extra ’I’ in his name.
  6. Fixed a rare issue where the Japanese coal liquification focus could fail to add a refinery.
  7. Fixes to French career profile translation.
  8. Fixed typo in the communist party of Yugoslavia.