Update v1.11.10


  1. Added a bypass to the Free French "Form the National Committee" Focus to avoid blocking the player if they don’t have 90 Legitimacy.
  2. Fixed a problem in British Alternate Strategy Plans when historical focuses are off without a specific strategy plan being selected.
  3. Fixed issue where Estonia and Latvia would not follow the historical focuses.
  4. Added missing leader tooltip in Soviet focus The Glory of the Red Army. Pavel Rybalko will become a general after completing the focus, and now everyone knows it.
  5. Turkey no longer gets a wargoal on themselves when refusing Balkan Federation demands.
  6. Niche Role will now be correctly set correctly when AI designs ships. This also applies to players using "auto design".
  7. Japanese puppets should now get the corrects name.
  8. Fixed achievement "Better than Szent Istvan" being impossible to earn due to a an issue with the new character system.
  9. Naval battles will no longer count towards combat duration for career profile.