Update v1.11.11


  1. Adjusted the ship refitting cost calculation. The base cost is now a percentage of the hull cost, and the cost for any module changes are added on top of that. The same is true for tanks.
  2. Removed path connecting advanced light tank chassis to modern tank chassis research.

Stability & Performance

  1. Fixed rare OOS happening when players joined an MP game after playing a different game.


  1. Hot-reloading AI strategy plans will not crash the game.


  1. Changed the starting British Motorized Division template to use motorized - sorry, motorised - recon.
  2. Added some bypass conditions to Czech focuses.
  3. Unlocked fuel tank module for French cruiser submarines.


  1. Only display the ship refitting speed and cost modifiers when MtG is active.
  2. Added Bypass to "Demmand Lithuanian Annexation" if Poland already controls all Lithuanian states except for Memel.
  3. Fixed units being unable to convert a move order to a retreat order when attacked.
  4. Fixed CTD that could happen during railway gun positioning.