Update v1.3.1

  1. Garrison order should now be more stable and not reassign units quite as much on changing priorities.
  2. Allied AI now more hesitant to naval invade Germany and Italy early on.
  3. Fixed some bugs restricting AI from template updates.
  4. Improved some target templates for AI.
  5. Reduced AI tendency to suicide attack into enemy lines.
  6. Fixed a problem in AI where front priorities would sometimes fluctuate wildly leading to a lot of front flip-flopping.
  7. AI now considers distance a bit more so wont pull most of its army vs Ethiopia back early on.
  8. AI for observed country is no longer blocked from diplo responding when using human_ai.
  9. Improved AIs ability to prepare against enemies that they only have an ally sharing border with.
  10. Spearhead order no longer so concerned about protecting its flanks.
  11. When a Spearhead front is split, all units stay on the front that has the spearhead order attached to it.
  12. Fixed some event picture issues.
  13. Made the focus "Burn the royal portraits" available if South Africa has already broken free.
  14. Fixed some setup issues with NZL tech setup in 1939.
  15. added cosmetic tag for Soviet-controlled Finland.
  16. changed national focus to Test the USSR for Japan to account for Manchukuo existing.
  17. Fixed a CTD in peace conferences.
  18. Fixed an issue with map stripe coloring not updating in peace conferences.
  19. Fixed some issues with credits.
  20. Shortcut for spearhead order is now Shift+X rather than B which was conflicting with strategic redeployment.
  21. CTD Fix: Launcher no longer has msaa and anisotropic filtering that could cause crashes.
  22. CTD Fix: if player deleted a mod while launcher was running, and then selected it.
  23. CTD Fix: Should no longer crash in GUI if a modder deletes the vanilla window component.
  24. CTD Fix: Sometimes when hotjoining using manual server ID.
  25. CTD Fix: When using old saves or incompatible mods due to naval base positioning.
  26. CTD Fix: Tooltiping lend lease as it finishes could cause crashes.
  27. Fixed a crash on load with invalid mods, NOT a complete fix, its something we are looking into more for future update to help players clear their document folder of invalid cache files and corruption.
  28. Launcher: Added a button (and a checkbox in crash report window), that offers to backup and delete all files that can potentially cause the stability problems.
  29. Optimized ai processing of upgrades, should remove much of 1940+ performance spikes.
  30. A fix for a trade modifier not applied correctly if not bought the DLC.
  31. Fix for RAJ Famine removal not really needing corruption squashing.
  32. Fix for Mexico Civil War inconsistencies.
  33. Fix for missing SAF factories from focus.
  34. Fix for missing INS convoys causing issues with trade/resource system.
  35. Fix for missing event in CAN focus tree.
  36. Fix for RAJ being able to pick ideology pushers without picking a path.
  37. Fix for South Africa releasing African countries as not communist in the anti-colonialist crusade.
  38. Fixed modifier capped 0-1, so you could never lower tension for sending volunteers for a country.
  39. Fixed script that used values outside the intended range.
  40. Added port to Lesser Sundra Islands.