Update v1.3.2

  1. Fixed CTD when double clicking the first factory in a line superduperfast to reset factories.
  2. AI now much better at respecting airbase size limits.
  3. Improved AI management of air missions.
  4. Deployment is now allowed in locations where it supposed to, regardless if your capital state is not owned by you.
  5. Fixed huge slow down and eternal freeze in the peace conference.
  6. Lowered air combat delay so that some areas will still see combat even though caught in extreme time zones.
  7. Crusader Kings 2 achievement now requires correct states.
  8. Rebalanced air combat for increased air casualties.
  9. Air accidents should no longer happen in peacetime.
  10. Added CTD safety for voice over playing in case player has some broken sound drivers.
  11. Fixed potential CTD in clearing country resources on civil war starts.
  12. Fixed a manpower transfer issue causing units to disappear after peaceful annexation.
  13. Fixed issue with Australia demanding New Zealand causing Australia to be kicked out of any faction it is currently in.
  14. Fixed two typos in Indian focus tree/ideas.
  15. Tech tree now refresh after switching tag (when choosing to play as new puppet) which made some achievements tricky.
  16. Transfer ship effect (like in NZL focuses) no longer sometimes transfers wrong ships.
  17. French language translation fixes.
  18. Fix for Crusader Kings 2 achievement. Flags are now set from events granting them immediate freedom.
  19. Added script flags for Crusader Kings 2 achievement if SAF chooses to puppet nations.
  20. Mil to Civ factory conversion now properly removes the military factory.
  21. Japan now creates own faction and adds New Zealand to it for befriend Japan focus.
  22. Changed trigger for Befriend Japan to require same ideology.
  23. Only create wargoal on AST if ideology differs.
  24. Fixed has_goverment trigger doing the opposite of what it was supposed to.
  25. JAP will only create faction if not already in a faction.
  26. AST will join JAP if JAP already leader of faction. AST cannot befriend JAP if JAP is in another faction.
  27. Fixed an issue where in civil wars the dynamic tag side would end up with no manpower in their divisions and get them disbanded.