Update May 28, 2020

Content Additions


  1. US Offensive Layer Added - US forces can now go on the attack in Offensive Mode!

New Free Seasonal DLC

  1. The M43 Combat Uniform entered use in the European theatre in late 1944. After D-Day, Paratroopers were issued complete M1943 uniforms, and infantry units began receiving the uniform parts issued individually.


  1. Optimised all character models through fine tuning of LODs. This will lower CPU burden across the board.


  1. High probability speculative fix for "ballistics crash" - the key crash affecting both servers and clients (96% of all current client crashes and 100% of all server crashes).
  2. Fixed secondary crash (3% of all current client crashes).


  1. HUD image for a Recon vehicle’s 3rd seat does not correctly scale when zoomed in on certain resolutions.
  2. ’Refresh Servers’ button will be unresponsive to user interaction if the cursor has not been moved off of the button since the last click.
  3. Users will be unable to change between ’All Servers’ and ’Favourites’ if the user already has the cursor positioned over the unselected heading before servers are found.

Visual Improvements

  1. Fixed lighting issues across most maps - where shadows at a distance where not rendered (SME, Utah etc).


  1. Added German Visor Cap.
  2. Added German M40 Side Cap.
  3. Added German M43 Field Cap.
  4. To access head cosmetics click on your chosen face to open a new menu.

Bug Fixes

  1. All closed buildings are now blocked to stop players spawning in them.
  2. Added additional names to in-game credits to reflect new team members.
  3. No window model present while sitting within the 5th seat of the Greyhound Recon vehicle.
  4. Clipping issues present on multiple German Uniforms when using the Winter ’Hans’ head variant.
  5. Graphical issues with various Winter Heads are observed on US/German in active gameplay.
  6. ’Hans’ and ’Karl’ have distorted textures on their balaclavas.
  7. Puma recon vehicle moves constantly after firing main weapon.
  8. Recon tooltip for "Surveil".
  9. The German Puma and US Greyhound does not give any combat score when destroyed.
  10. If a player selects the Officer role after they’ve been kicked from a unit, they’re unable to join any unit.

Purple Heart Lane

  1. [PHL] Bridge has no collision with players and has one way bullet collision in sector C4.

Hill 400

  1. [Hill 400] Deep rivers are not marked as red.
  2. [Hill 400] The US and German lines are swapped on the deployment and ingame maps.
  3. [Hill 400] The US Top HQ Heavy Tank spawn location has the exact same spawn point as the Commander’s Fuel abilities spawn location.
  4. [Hill 400]Changed the rocky ground texture to possess correct footstep sounds.
  5. [Hill 400] Fuel orders confirmed within the top German HQ will place the vehicle directly behind the Panther tank.
  6. [Hill 400] Spawning on the middle US HQ will spawn the player at the bottom US HQ.
  7. [Hill 400] - German repair station and resupply station are floating in sector J5.

Utah Beach

  1. [Utah] Most of the Log Ramps on Utah Beach, in sectors I3-I8, have no collision.

Omaha Beach

  1. [Omaha] The US Recon Vehicle cannot be spawned on the middle HQ spawn.