Update December 19, 2019

Major Additions


  1. Sainte-Mère-Église is here! As our sixth map in Hell Let Loose - our third added since our release - it’s the most urban environment so far. We’re excited to battle across fields, lanes and through the gardens, streets and church of this iconic French Norman town.

Available Modes

  1. Warfare.
  2. German Offensive.


  1. In the spirit of the Christmas season and to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, Foy has undergone an extensive overhaul - lifting much of its visual appearance, polishing its weather effects, adding more detail and cover and adding an all new gamemode.

Available Modes

  1. Warfare.
  2. German Offensive.


  1. We’ve made some changes to the way we show the coming sectors in Offensive mode to the attackers. We’re going to be playing these changes with you to get a sense of how they’re affecting gameplay and whether or not it’s in line with our intended design. Of course, we’ll also be reading and collecting your feedback around the change.


  1. Each patch and update we’ll be adding more and more customisation options. Our end goal is that every level you gain in both career and role will unlock a new uniform, head or helmet.
  2. New Winter Warfare customisations are now permanently available to all those who play Hell Let Loose:
  3. New German summer splinter smock uniform (unlocked at role level 6).
  4. New German winter splinter smock uniform (unlocked at role level 8).

Bug Fixes

  1. High probability fix: players will sometimes be kicked out of a server for bypassing the queue after correctly waiting in the server queue.
  2. Added increased server crash logging and auto-delivery to better profile experience/progression issues and server crashes.
  3. Added increased client crash logging.
  4. Fixed: players are able to get their camera to briefly clip through an object if they crouch while climbing or vaulting.
  5. Fixed: Closing the scoreboard while the ’Personal’ tab is highlighted results in a black square to appear over the tab the next time the scoreboard is opened.
  6. Fixed: The distance of friendly players is shown on the deployment screen’s map if the user observes their locations before deploying for the first time on a server.
  7. High probability fix: players can see the "Can’t Spawn At That Location" message after the game has ended.
  8. Fixed: When driving a tank in a strong point the ’Strong Point’ text is missing from the HUD.
  9. Fixed: The first enemy to enter an empty friendly sector may cause the friendly sector’s map icon to briefly flicker red.
  10. Fixed: Server Admins are unable to distinguish between VIP Players.
  11. Fixed: Inconsistent Rcon rights of Owners.
  12. Fixed: Users can cause a client crash if they open the in-game RCon Console during a map change.
  13. Fixed a potential client crash caused by wrecked tanks.
  14. Fixed: Within the ’Video’ settings, changing from a custom ’Master Quality’ to a preset one without applying the change will result in the preset being applied to the menu the next time the user opens up the ’Video’ settings.
  15. Fixed: German players are able to build spawn points within the restricted beach area on Omaha.


  1. Fixed: Long snow mound section in F10 is missing bullet collision.

Omaha Beach

  1. Fixed: there are two areas of incorrect collision in sector I3.
  2. Fixed: sunlight passing through the sides of the trench.


  1. Increased attenuation radius of grenade collisions.
  2. Updated aircraft audio for B17, P47, Heinkel and BF109.