Update March 25, 2021

  1. Fixed an issue that allowed the player to deselect their spawn point but still attempt to deploy, leaving them in the ’Deploying’ state with no deploy timer.
  2. Fixed an issue that caused MGs to fire offset from where the player was aiming when braced or deployed on a surface. As a temporary solution we needed to revert the change that allowed bullets to travel where the barrel was pointing when exiting the sprint animation. We will look to reimplement this feature once we are sure it won’t cause issues again.
  3. Disabled the vault mechanic on barbed wire placed by the Engineer and prevented players from climbing on the wooden ends.
  4. Fixed the "VCRUNTIME140_1.dll" launch error. Now if the user is missing the required VCRUNTIME it will be installed when the game is launched.
  5. Reimplemented the server welcome message displayed on the deploy screen. The map key and welcome message are now displayed in separate tabs that can be switched between. By default, the welcome tab will always be displayed unless switched by the player.
  6. Fixed the aggressive LoD and billboard issues present on SMDM and Utah that caused trees and buildings to appear low quality at close distances.
  7. Fixed certain bushes having bullet collision on PHL, SME, SMDM and Omaha preventing players from shooting through the foliage.
  8. Fixed the collision on Carentan’s church preventing players shooting through the hole in the roof and a window on SME.
  9. Fixed a material issue that caused weapons and certain character assets to render completely dark when in a shadow on SME.
  10. Applied the correct LoD and materials to the Support’s US & GER Summer uniforms.
  11. Removed a non-existent map from the map rotation.
  12. Fixed the server list not correctly updating when using the sorting options.
  13. Fixed rare server crash caused by client connection.