Update April 28, 2021

Quality of Life

  1. Outposts belonging to your Unit and Garrisons now appear green on the deploy menu and tactical map.
  2. Anti-Aliasing Method no longer ignores the user’s settings and defaults to Standard AA when launching the title.
  3. Building and Tree LoD improvements across various maps.
  4. Updated a large number of assets and materials to correctly work with bullet penetration.
  5. Updated textures for the Garand and Carbine.
  6. Updated Game Credits.
  7. Restored the ability to continue an input while opening the scoreboard or map.
  8. Padre’s M1 is no longer locked behind Rifleman lvl 3.
  9. The M40 Side Cap now unlocks for Assault, Automatic Rifleman and Medic correctly.
  10. A large number of community reported map bugs have been fixed.

Bug Fixes

  1. [Fixed] On the Enlist screen, clicking a server scrolls the server list.
  2. [Fixed] Players can join a team which should be locked by the Auto-Balance threshold.
  3. [Fixed] The ’Favourites’ list in the Enlist screen updates causing servers to appear as duplicates of other servers.
  4. [Fixed] The map will close and chat will be dismissed after having the Map opened and tapping the Map Keybind (M) in chat.
  5. [Fixed] Commander can establish an airhead in the water outside of playable zone in Utah.
  6. [Fixed] Weapons sometimes showing pixelated edges.
  7. [Fixed] Hedgerows have no collision with rockets and tank shells.
  8. [Fixed] Collision issues on several assets.
  9. [Fixed] Blood VFX color appears black and has rendering issues.
  10. [Fixed] On Offensive maps, all barbed wires that are located in the Attackers HQs turn back area are observed to be missing VFX, SFX and do not affect the player in any way.
  11. [Fixed] On Offensive maps, water does not slow or prevent prone when the player is in the Attackers HQ turn back area.
  12. [Fixed] Empty enlist screen after putting in an incorrect password under certain conditions.
  13. [Fixed] The "No bandages" message is displayed for a split second when switching between their equipment when the player is damaged.
  14. [Fixed] Holding the breath before aiming will cause the player to be unable to shoot.
  15. [Fixed] Reviving a player that is on a terrain seam may cause them to fall through the map.
  16. [Fixed] In some cases the deploy screen remains up after deploying.
  17. [Fixed] Updated minor incorrect main menu text.
  18. [Fixed] Being killed during a melee animation locks the camera on the attacker.
  19. [Fixed] After confirming the "wrong password" message when joining a server, the password prompt’s buttons lose functionality.
  20. [Fixed] US "Sherman Jumbo 75MM" and "Sherman Jumbo 76MM" treads have no bullet collision nad are not affected by the blowtorch.
  21. [Fixed] A server launched with an "Offensive" map variant will display as the "Warfare" game mode on the Enlist menu until someone joins.
  22. [Fixed] Replaced the "Cancel" button with "Back" on the change role screen.
  23. [Fixed] The "Spawn Location" list will display 3 HQs even if only 1 HQ is currently available.


  1. [Fixed] 3 types of client crashes.
  2. [Fixed] 2 types of server crashes.


  1. [Fixed] The "Set Vote Kick Enabled" and "Set Vote Kick Threshold" setting is reset after a Map change.
  2. [Fixed] Transitioning from any map resets the Team Switch Cooldown to 0 if changed during the round.


  1. [Fixed] Shooting through a specific window caused stone PFX and SFX.

Hill 400

  1. [Fixed] Barbed wire placed under the ground.
  2. [Fixed] A barbed wire asset has no functionality.


  1. [Fixed] Barbed wire placed under the ground.
  2. [Fixed] Rock with no collision.
  3. [Fixed] A preplaced Belgian Gate can be destroyed with firearms.

Purple Heart Lane

  1. [Fixed] Multiple tree models produce concrete PFX when shot.
  2. [Fixed] Water has no functionality in a part of the map.


  1. [Fixed] Certain small bushes have Player collision.
  2. [Fixed] Players can travel through the water outside of the playable zone.
  3. [Fixed] On German Bottom HQ there are two repair stations.
  4. [Fixed] Text can be seen on the landscape.
  5. [Fixed] Players can drop an airhead outside of the playable area.
  6. [Fixed] Players can fall from a specific boat when deploying on the Top HQ on the US team.
  7. [Fixed] Players are pushed through the spawn boat if they remain on it when it leaves the map boundary.
  8. [Fixed] The spotlights found throughout the map have no collision.

Sainte Mere Eglise

  1. [Fixed] A house has no player or bullet collision.