Update February 8, 2021

  1. Added new difficulty level hell and the corresponding clearance achievement Journey to Hell.
  2. Three new jobs are added: Great Shield Soldier, Berserker, and Inquisitor. In Haroun’s initial job choice, the Bandit is changed to Berserker.

New skill mechanisms

  1. Barrier (blocking enemy bullets shot at teammates behind them);.
  2. Immortality (health cannot be reduced below 1 point);.
  3. Stealing (the skill releaser can obtain the attributes lost by the enemy).
  4. Now high-level enemy squads will have tactics and automatically release.
  5. Block effect changes to armor multiplied by 2.5 times.
  6. Optimize the shield display, now it will display the specific amount of shield and display it in proportion to the character’s HP.
  7. According to different difficulty, the attributes of the plot boss have been additionally improved.
  8. Add a surrender button for vehicle battles, which will appear after the battle lasting for 30 seconds.
  9. The shortcut key of Super Wrench is replaced with W to avoid misoperation.
  10. Mark the side mission which is unlocking the building as a necessary task.
  11. Fix the bug where the occlusion of indoor items during battle affected the selection of enemy targets.
  12. Fix the bug that the value of the resource trade caravan was not automatically cleared.
  13. Fix the bug where some plots might not be triggered because the main mission was completed too quickly.
  14. Career balance adjustment: (cannot be effective for existing roles in the archive).
  15. The explosion-proof force’s ultimate skill is added a little barrier effect.
  16. The stench of the Tribal Priest’s gas increases the life and morale stealing effect.
  17. Spy’s ultimate move increases the life stealing effect.
  18. The skill of the Bio Soldier has increased the effect of reducing the enemy’s physique.