Update March 25, 2021

New side mission

New jobs debut

  1. This version update will add a new important side mission which is finding the missing CSB(Civic Security Bureau) agent ’King’.
  2. After clearing this side mission, you can obtain special weapons, special armor, and unlock a new Boss class-Special Service Pioneer. This occupation belongs to the special combat unit of the Civic Security Bureau, and each vanguard has been selected and rushed to the most dangerous missions.
  3. In addition, 3 Daisy faction Jobs will be added.
  4. Agent Daisy: The basic combat unit of the Daisy Company, which is also common in the mercenary market. It is good at operating micro drones for interference shooting.
  5. Pharmacists: Most of them serve Daisy Company medical insurance users, and can effectively extend the survival time of the target (charged by second).
  6. Arms dealer: Daisy’s salesperson is generally not good at frontal combat, but can provide teammates with long-lasting and significant weapons and armor enhancements at critical moments.

Renewal of skills

Unlock more strategic gameplay

  1. The new jobs have corresponding new skills, and this update will add four new skill mechanisms. With the addition of the new mechanisms, the plasticity of battle teams will be further improved.
  2. Summoning: some professions can summon auxiliary units to participate in battle.
  3. Purification: Clear all temporary continuous effects on the target.
  4. Immunity: Immunity to all subsequent continuous effects.
  5. Kill: Get extra special effects when the skill kills the unit.
  6. In addition, the career balance in the game has also been adjusted accordingly to unlock more strategic gameplay.

Mass optimization

Upgraded play experience

  1. The original recruitment system is replaced by an email system, and players will receive various emails such as news, advertisements, job hunting, and promotional information.
  2. Add post-battle damage statistics function.