Update April 21, 2021

  1. Add special training to increase the upper limit of the character level. Now the upper limit of the character level can be increased to level 40 through special training.
  2. Add the energy boost mode, which can be selected when starting a new game. After that, exploring locations will hardly consume energy, and will no longer be affected by energy or lack of energy.
  3. When the energy point is 100, the character will get the effect of extreme energy, injury resistance +20%, experience gain +20%.
  4. Add 5 kinds of rare rejuvenating drugs, which can instantly restore team members’ energy.
  5. Fix the bug that when shopping at vending machine the money value can become negative.
  6. Fix the bug that the characters that have not saved the equipment plan may be automatically equipped.
  7. Fix the display bug of power favor ability.
  8. Fix the bug that temporary team members will also get talents at the end of the exploration.
  9. Adjust the armor speed display logic.