Update June 9, 2021

  1. Added 6 kinds of random tactics: Locator Beacon/Heavy Support/Life Support/Pinpoint Strike/Treatment Drone/EM shield.
  2. Also slightly increased the probability of obtaining random tactics.
  3. 6 new news events.
  4. 7 new camp events.
  5. 3 new dispatch missions, including training missions that can improve team members’ experience and basic attributes.
  6. Added 5 collectible notes, quoted from Thomas Eliot’s poem "The Hollow Men".
  7. Some UI adjustments and optimization.
  8. Now you can also enjoy loot bonuses when you pick up items.
  9. Optimize the release of AI skills, especially those with purification effects.
  10. Inheritance of talents has increased the lower limit of talent randomness, so low talents will no longer be randomly generated at high inheritance levels.