Update January 31, 2021

  1. Now the armor piercing attribute of the weapon will also be slightly improved according to the weapon level and quality.
  2. Now allows players to choose their hobbies when start new games.
  3. Now equipped items need to be unloaded before they can be sold.
  4. Now you can use the space shortcut to confirm the equipment acquisition.
  5. Significantly reduce the consumption of low-level equipment enhancement, and increase the consumption of high-level equipment enhancement.
  6. Reduce the number of engineers simultaneously appearing in the engineer squad.
  7. Slow the speed of increase in the combat phase.
  8. Strengthen the skill effect of Witch Doctor.
  9. Fix the bug that the compass color in the upper left corner of the blueprint was incorrectly displayed.
  10. Fix the bug that the total durability of the vehicle exceeded the upper limit.
  11. Fix the bug of misplaced tactical card stars.
  12. Fix the bug where animal carcasses were blocked by buildings.
  13. Add corresponding sound effects for medicines.
  14. New enemy configuration-Revolutionary Army Rebel Force: Essentially a group of bandits bearing the name of the Revolutionary Army, composed of some troops and brutal thugs.
  15. New enemy configuration-Militant: composed of militant and some local security forces, fighting bravely to protect the homeland.
  16. New enemy configuration-Gang group: they wander around the streets and alleys like greedy beasts, licking the last bits of flesh and blood in this country.

Update #2

  1. Add the shortcut key function for releasing skills in battle.
  2. Add the types of weapons and armor that each job is good at. A small amount of buff will be gained when using equipment which the job is good at.
  3. When use weapon which the job is good at: Damage +5%, Accuracy +5%.
  4. When use good armor which the job is good at: Defense +10%, Dodge +5%.
  5. Optimized the scene generation logic to reduce lag.
  6. Reduce the extra level of early enemies of medium to high difficulty.
  7. Now when the normal notes are collected, the uncollected task notes will be given priority.
  8. Adjust the male and female sound effects during healing.
  9. Fix the bug that the cool down information of skill upgrade was not displayed.